The Country Cottage Garden – Easy as 1, 2, 3

A cottage garden is the ultimate country dream come true, where flowers mix with herbs and vegetables in colorful abandon. Youíll love cutting fresh flowers for bouquets, snipping herbs and lettuces for salad, and picking tender beans for dinner.

The real-life cottage gardens of English history were commonly mixed plantings of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, complete with honeybees, chickens, and perhaps a family pig. As time went on and living conditions became less harsh, more flowers were added to cottage gardens.

The joy of these gardens is their casual, informal appearance. They should not be overly neat and tidy! All you really have to worry about is thinning vigorous perennials every few years so that they donít over step their boundaries! Here is a list of 20 plants to get started. Print it out and take it with you next time you go to the local garden nursery:




Bacherlorís button



Lemon lily

Golden glow

Garden phlox


Scarlet runner bean







Jasmine tobacco

Wild columbine

Bleeding heart

Adapted from Heirloom Country Gardens, by Sarah Wolfgang Heffner (Rodale Press, 2000).


Terry V.
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I LOVE sharing my perennials.

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Thank you very much for this list - I have a friend who is fond of country cottage gardens and she will be much helped with a list like this.

Could you maybe add some pictures, as Jennifer asked? Just to make this article more lively? Or maybe some links on the plants and flowers described?

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