Easy Ways to Wake Up Your Life

The world is but a canvas to the imagination. – Henry David Thoreau

Letís explore how doing things differently can infuse your world with doses of unexpected creativity. The choice to be creative presents itself everyday from the way we dress, decorate our home, answer the phone, walk our dog, and handle lifeís many dramas. Below are some ways to shake up the mundane in order to see the myriad of ways we can express creativity in our daily decisions.

Use colorful paper clips. Move items on your desk, mantle, shelves, and closet around seasonally to have a fresh perspective. Add fresh mint to your water. Don long faux pearls. Carry an idea book with you at all times to note inspirations. Ensure your camera is within arms reach for opportunities to capture a moment. Take a new route to work. Find a new path for walking Fido. Get up before others in your household and savor the serenity. Take up tango. Wear your hair up and add a flower. Write a screenplay. Sign up for an online course in a topic that has always interested you. Get a bike and see the city from a different perspective. Add fresh flowers or bamboo stalks to your office. Read a novel or memoir. Try a different style of yoga. Eat a hearty breakfast rather than dashing out the door with toast.

By taking small steps to do things differently, life can become more colorful. Starting today, begin to notice the choices that you have to live more creatively.

Omwork (homework with a yogic twist):
Pull out your journal or planner and list three things that you can do differently this week. Notice how simple it can be to make the everyday seem a bit more exotic.

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