Eat 9 Walnuts a Day to Keep Stress at Bay

Walnuts are a wonder nut, that offer almost too many health benefits to count.

Here is a quick list: Walnuts are a rich source of dietary fiber, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. These compounds work together to help you sleep better, reduce hair loss, prevent diabetes, improve complexion and  lower your risk of certain cancers.

But did you know: walnuts are an excellent anxiety-reducing food, too.

A first-of-its-kind Penn State University study found that walnuts and walnut oil can reduce blood pressure during periods of stress.  In this study, 22 adults with elevated levels of “bad” cholesterol were put on three different diets for six weeks each.

At the end of the study, the three groups were put under mildly stressful situations such as making a speech and dipping a foot in a bucket of ice-cold water. Their blood pressure was measured both before these activities and soon after. Here is what researchers found: The group that was given 9 walnuts and a tablespoon of walnut oil as part of their diet had much lower levels of both resting blood pressure and stress-induced blood pressure.

According to statistics provided by the American Psychological Association, more than 77% of Americans admit to regularly experiencing physical symptoms caused by stress. Since stressful situations cannot be avoided altogether, eating a handful of delicious walnuts and including walnut oil in your daily diet seems like a comforting idea.




Teresa W.
Teresa W.2 years ago

Clare, if you don't like walnuts, try eating them with honey.

Teresa W.
Teresa W.2 years ago

Yum! Thank you.

Teresa W.
Teresa W.2 years ago

Carol, are you anorexic to count calories so strictly?

Panchali Yapa
Panchali Yapa2 years ago

Thank you

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson2 years ago

Pretty drastic testing. But just 22???

Camilla Vaga
Camilla Vaga2 years ago


Jessica Grieshaber

Interesting. Wish I would have known this before finals LOL

Mark H.
Mark H.2 years ago

Hey, Lindsay, I agree with the price factor! I buy them as organic in a HF store, then mix a bit together in a food processor and add a bit into other dishes, so I get the benefits of a few, and not use them as a main ingredient. And the little bit tastes great, too!

Lady Kaira
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Elena T.
Elena Poensgen2 years ago

Thank you :)