Eight Steps to Juice Therapy

More and more people are discovering fruit and vegetable juices aren’t just delicious. Alternative practitioners say these tasty nectars are natural tonics, offering a safe, inexpensive way to stimulate digestion, bolster the immune system and encourage the elimination of toxins.

Fresh juices are also believed to be a potent weapon against disease; studies show that juices can speed the healing of infections and can even help cure stomach ulcers. And when used in conjunction with other natural techniques, such as herbs, homeopathy and nutritional therapy, fresh juices can create an optimal nutritional foundation to bolster the body’s innate healing abilities.

High-Octane Nutrition
Fresh juices have more going for them than vitamins and minerals. A growing body of scientific research suggests that when it comes to the health benefits of fresh produce, vitamins and minerals may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Eight Steps – Ready, Set, Juice!

1. Scrub produce thoroughly with a vegetable brush before juicing.
2. If a fruit or vegetable has been waxed, be sure to peel it before juicing.
3. Remove all seeds and pits. Make sure to peel citrus fruits.
4. Cut fruits and vegetables into small-enough pieces to fit easily through your juicer.
5. Wash and juice any stems or greens that are still attached to the fruit or vegetable.
6. Certain fruits, such as bananas and avocados, contain very little water and can’t be juiced. Process in a blender instead, and then add to the juice.
7. Imported fruits and vegetables should be avoided when possible because they contain more harmful pesticide residue than domestic produce.
8. For maximum benefit, serve juice immediately. Juices stored in the refrigerator lose their nutritional value very quickly.

Adapted from New Choices in Natural Healing, by Bill Gottlieb. Copyright (c)1995 by Rodale, Inc.. Reprinted by permission of Rodale Books.
Adapted from New Choices in Natural Healing, by Bill Gottlieb.


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Fabulous, I love doing this when making ginger root tea, put the tea in a glass container and then add sliced peaches, cherries, pineapple, wild blueberries and mango or anything else on hand to add to the mix. After drinking several glasses, the fruit is eaten with a spoon. Delicious.

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