Electricity Use Monitors: Ask Annie

Dear Annie,
I am so frustrated with trying to reduce my carbon footprint. I hardly know what to prioritize or where to start. What do you suggest? I live in cold Vermont. –Carolyn, VT

Dear Carolyn,
Interesting, I just read a Stanford University/ABCnews/Planet Green poll that notes that seven in 10 are now trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Thank you for being one of them! And, I agree, it is hard.

I just came across two awesome products to help. Both are electricity use monitors, one that will monitor your actual energy use at any one moment, for $135, and the other, just $30, that will help you determine how any one appliance is using energy at any time!

This will be a great help to determine if an appliance would be best retired, or which appliances can be used less. I myself am going to buy one asap. I have two TVs in the house, for example, maybe the one I watch the most is an energy hog? I could easily switch to the other.

Annie B. Bond is the executive editor of Care2′s Healthy & Green Living and the author of four books on non-toxic living, including Home Enlightenment, newly out in paperback.


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Chris R.
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Kip Mapes
Kip Mapes5 years ago

Reduse reuse replace all good questions.And the question how much do we Really need.Becoming more impressed all the time with how little energy our native ancestors used.And for so many generations.:-)Loved there round homes so much easier to stay comfortable in a round structure.Alwas dug into the cliffs facing south, not so much facing the road eh.

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

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Tish L.
Tish Levee6 years ago

Keep it Simple. Turn of lights in vacant rooms. Use compact fluorescent lights, or, better yet, LED lights. Take shorter showers and don't run water when shaving, brushing teeth or washing hands. Put electronic on power strips and turn them off when not in use--don't pay for "vampire" power. Check out energy saving tips online. When you have reduced your carbon footprint as much as you can, then offset it by purchasing carbon offset credits online or through your power company.

Julie F.
Julie F.6 years ago

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SuSanne Dawn P.

TY Annie~ 7 in 10~ AWESOME NEWS. It's about time!

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Sue Cannon
Sue Cannon8 years ago

Oh and these monitors really work. Mine shows electric used per day and per month plus a graph for day, evening and night. I was amazed to see my family uses more electric when they are sent to bed than in the day. Then realised its because they put on their tv's, playstation. laptops etc sneakily. Now my monitor tells me what they are up to..lol

Sue Cannon
Sue Cannon8 years ago

I think i read somewhere that any appliances more than ten or five years old will use more energy to run than a modern appliance. I've got an energy monitor that my electric/gas company sent me. I'm on a plan with them that if i use less energy each month they will reward me for that. Also they are a green electric company using hydro electric power.