Ellen DeGeneres Opening Vegan Restaurant

With her wife Portia di Rossi, Ellen will be opening a vegan restaurant in the Los Angeles area, specifically in the San Fernando Valley. The menu will be created by Tal Ronnen, who also made vegan fare for the pair’s meat-free wedding. Ronnen also prepared food for Oprah’s vegan cleanse, and for the  first vegan dinner for the U.S. Senate. His meatless cookbook titled, The Conscious Cook: Meatless Recipes that Will Change the Way You Eat, was a New York Times bestseller.

“Meeting Tal has changed our lives for the better. We wish everyone could experience his cooking. It’s delicious and healthy at the same time—sometimes that’s a hard balance, but not with Tal,” said Degeneres and di Rossi. (Source: Amazon.com) Oprah said she never imagined meatless meals could  be so satisfying. Singer Chrissie Hynde and producer Steve Bing are also investing in the new  vegan venture. The interior space will be put together by the same designer who helped Angelina Jolie and others with their residential interior decorating.

Over the summer Ellen launched a vegan blog, with tips and recipes, so it seems opening a vegan restaurant is the next logical step. She has also been supporting the work of an animal shelter north of Los Angeles.

Her interest in vegan food was sparked by watching a documentary about how much animals suffer due to the food industry, and factory farms. “I forced myself to watch a documentary called Earthlings that’s inside footage of factory farms and dairy farms. You see that and go I can’t participate in that. I can’t be a part of something that is suffering. Fifty billion animals a year are killed and I think we all fool ourselves that it’s a quick death, and it’s a very disturbing reality.” (Source: US Magazine)

LA doesn’t lack for meat-free dining as you can see from this blog, with various entries for restaurants with menu items for vegetarians and vegans, but in such a huge metro area, it can’t hurt to have another one.

Image Credit: Alan Light


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Ashlyine B.
Ashlyine B.3 years ago

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Daphne H.
Daphne H3 years ago

Wish we had one in Detroit

Nimue Pendragon

I'm sure it must have opened ages ago, this story is old. Good on you, Ellen :)

Kelly Bossinade
Past Member 4 years ago

Whoa that picture on the top is OLD! No one could find a newer photo of Ellen? Hello internet? Google images?

Julie Cordner
Julie Cordner4 years ago

Go, Ellen! Go, Ellen! Fantastic all-round humanitarian. But how old is that photo...?? ;-)

paul m.
paul m4 years ago

Nice one..

Laura Saxon
.4 years ago

Good job, Ellen! If the rest of American would follow your lead, there would be a lot less cruelty to animals.

Michelle Gershon
Michelle Gershon4 years ago

Ellen is a great role model! I wish she would open up a Vegan Restaurant in my city! ^_^

Olivia S.
Past Member 4 years ago

Good for Ellen....really like her...just wish she would end her affiliation with Covergirl.

Mari 's
Mari 's4 years ago

She is so wonderful I love her!!