Energize with the Golden Sun Healing

The Golden Sun is a symbol used to represent the endless supply of energy you have, with which you can create any kind of life you desire. The symbol reminds you that your energy is alive, renewable, and constantly available. The Golden Sun is a beacon for the energy you’ve lost or given away to relationships or situations in your life.

The purpose of the Gold Sun Healing is to help you center and call back all your energy and attention from wherever it may be.

Envision a large, golden sun right above your aura, directly over your head. Feel the warmth of your Gold Sun, which symbolizes the limitless amount of energy you have available to you in this lifetime. Your Gold Sun contains your highest information, your healing powers, and your humor. It is also your eighth chakra. Your sun chakra contains an endless supply of energy that you can use at any time.

Ground yourself.

Make a small opening at the top of your aura, and let the energy of your Sun shine in. See or feel this warm, soothing, tingling energy fill your entire aura and cover your skin. Feel the warmth on your whole body. Let your aura and its boundary become completely gold.

Breathe in the energy of your Sun, and feel its warmth as it enters your lungs. As you breathe, see and feel your Gold Sun energy travel through your bloodstream along with the oxygen you have just inhaled. Feel your clean, present-time healing energy as it lights up your bloodstream, your muscles, your organs, and your bones. Feel your gold energy throughout your abdomen, in your hips and legs, in your arms and hands, throughout the inner layers of your skin, and in your chest, neck, face, and skull. Breathe.

Now turn your grounding cord gold and feel the energy inside your body flow down your cord, cleansing the cord and your body and rededicating your grounding cord with present-time healing energy. Stay in your head and turn everything in your room gold–the walls, the furniture, the scene outside your window–everything. Stay in this newly golden room in your head.

Sit for a few minutes and experience your own energy. This warm, calming, tingly, wonderful energy is your own. It is constantly available at your discretion, absolutely free, and completely within your control. Feel it as it travels throughout your body, moving gently, lighting up each cell. Watch it as it moves through your aura.

Check in with your grounding cord to make sure your cord is still gold. As each portion of your body is lit up from within, old messages, pains, and stored emotions will be dislodged and fall away. When you turn your grounding cord to gold, you’ll be able to drain off a lot of old, clogged energy, so that your body can begin to flow into the present. Healing your grounding cord with Gold Sun energy also makes grounding much more efficient.

Adapted from Your Aura & Your Chakras, by Karla McLaren (Weiser Books, 1998).

Adapted from Your Aura & Your Chakras, by Karla McLaren (Weiser Books, 1998). Copyright (c) 1998 by Karla McLaren. Reprinted by permission of Weiser Books.


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Thank you. Very interesting.

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think i'm allergic to sun.

Kamryn M.
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think i'm allergic to sun.

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This meditation is a very good starting point for those wanting to do personal energy work. It helps the practitioner to become sensitized to feeling the energy flow and balance in their bodies.

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