Energy Efficiency Audit

If you’ve noticed that your house is drafty, or if, like a neighbor of mine, you got a letter from PG&E that says your house uses the most energy on the block, you might want to check into getting a home energy audit. Fifty-six percent of energy produced in the US is wasted and many energy inefficiency issues can be fixed by the homeowner once diagnosed. There are several things you can do to make your house more efficient, saving you money and saving the planet energy.

Companies in the bay area offering home energy audits:

1. Solar City – based in San Mateo and serving several states across the US.

2. Planet Orange – based in San Jose and serving several counties in Norther California.

3. Sungevity – based in Oakland and serving dozens of cities in California.

Having listed those companies, and while I’m all for energy audits, I’m also all for starting by cutting back on our energy usage, and making our homes more efficient, which can be done without an audit: turn off lights when not in use. Replace all bulbs with CFLs or LEDs. Weather-proof your windows and doors – this one is an amazing money and energy saver. Do those three things, and you will be saving energy. The energy audit is a great next step, when you’re ready to help your house and lifestyle be even more efficient. I believe as well that whole-house energy audits, solar and wind power and wide-range alternative energy use is essential for this country to move forward and prosper in the coming decades.

-Jocelyn Broyles


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available rebates to get free solar installed on your home.

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