Enhance Immunity With Indian Gentian

Indian Gentian (Andrographis paniculata) has been renowned for thousands of years in India for its anti-infectious and detoxifying properties. It is beginning to get the attention it deserves in the West for its ability to significantly reduce flu and cold symptoms and hasten recovery.

A tropical flowering shrub that produces small fruits, the entire plant has medicinal applications. Although Indian Gentian is not always available as a single herb, it is a component of many immune-enhancing formulas and herbal extracts recommended for sore throats and colds.

In addition to treating viral upper respiratory symptoms, Indian Gentian can be a valuable part of a detoxification program. It should be taken for two weeks at the most, unless monitored by a health care practitioner. The herb’s detoxifying effect can deplete the body if used for an extended period.

Indian Gentian shows promise for a wide range of health issues. Recent studies have suggested its effectiveness in protection from infections as well as treating heart disease. Indian Gentian’s long history in Ayurveda and encouraging research results suggest that we have much more to learn about this powerful plant.

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Would it make a good house plant? I'd like to have this in my indoor herb garden.

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Also use lasuna, ashvagandha, neem and tulsi. makes for super health!!

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red hawthorn berry tea is also great cholesterol cleaner