5 Outdoor Summer Essentials

Just in time for summer. The editors of Remodelista rounded-up of their tried and true summer staples for the deck, the patio, the porch and the beach. Here are five of their favorites; for the entire list, visit Remodelista.

Above: For outdoor seating, Julie likes the well-priced Brommo Folding Deck Chair, made from acacia wood and polypropylene rope; $59.99 at Ikea.

Above: Alexa uses durable enamel ware dishes for outdoor camping, picnicking and days at the beach; the black  Enamel Mug is $10.75 from Toast.

Above: Christine uses the quick-release Peterboro Picnic Time Bicycle Basket to transport food and drink for picnics at the beach; $55 at Peterboro Basket Company.

Above: Michelle’s outdoor summer pick is Pawley’s Island rope hammocks; the Large DuraCord Rope Hammock is $169.99 from Pawley’s Island Hammocks.


Above: Janet uses Galvanized Wash Tubs filled with ice to keep beverages cool for outdoor entertaining (the smaller tubs work well as wine coolers while large tubs can hold an evening’s supply of drinks); $21.17 at Amazon for the 22-inch-diameter tub shown.

Looking for more al fresco inspiration for the summer? You can browse through hundreds of garden and outdoor images on Remodelista‘s Room Gallery.


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Interesting, some are comforts to be honest but why advertise for a specific product instead of simply making suggestions such as hammock, comfy chair...a hammock looks nice but I would have to hang it from my balcony and would bump into the herbs, flowers, veggies and the big hibiscus that is flowering. And help me if I crushed the catnip belonging to the 16 year old blind cat that owns me...

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We are experiencing one of the wettest summers ever recorded in the U.K.

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