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Here’s Why You Should Drink Organic Tea

Here’s a fun fact about commercial tea: The first time pesticides are washed off tea leaves is when you steep tea in your cup. To be fair, the amount of commercial pesticides in your cup is “a very…


5 Surprising Foods that are Keeping You Fat

Besides the obvious junk foods, there are 5 foods that you may never have suspected of packing on the pounds. Diet Soda,
 Really? Research conducted at the University of Texas Health Science…


Another Reason To Ditch Soda: Cancer

As if we needed another reason not to drink soda, which is already associated with obesity and diabetes, here it is: cancer. Yes, cancer has been added to the risks associated with high levels of soda…


How to Make Sense of Sustainable Coffee Labels

Based on the lines outside Starbucks and Caribou Coffee alone, it seems like everyone in the U.S. loves coffee. A 2013 study found that an average of 85 percent of the U.S. population has at least …


Most Common Wine Myths, Debunked

Myths and urban legends exist in every culture. Elaborate stories are told, and somehow, somewhere, people come to see them as true and pass them along. Was Mr. Rogers really a Navy SEAL? Was a woman …


8 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Tea

1. Tea is really good for you. See this infographic for the ways in which herbal teas and tisanes can help fight various sicknesses and allergies. Green tea, in particular, boosts the immune system a…


Are Vitamin Drinks Overdoing It?

Most of us don’t get all of the nutrients we need from food alone. So we take supplements, buy fortified foods and drinks, and stock up on as many vitamins as we can. Why not? Vitamins are a good thin…


5 Great Ways to Spice Up Hot Chocolate

There's absolutely nothing wrong with "plain" old hot chocolate, made with good rich cocoa, real milk (unless you're vegan or lactose-intolerant, in which case you'll use your favorite dairy substitut…


Why Girls Should Stay Away from Soda

Frequent consumption of sugary drinks—including soda, fruit mixes, and sweetened iced tea—has been linked with an early start to menstruation in girls, according to new research. The study followed 5…


5 Reasons to Drink Hot Tea Today

As an avid tea drinker, I am ashamed to say that I almost missed National Hot Tea Month. Fortunately, I did not and found out just in time to write something about it here. Most Americans who enjoy…


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Disgusting and utterly unacceptable. Thank you to the film-makers who did the film, it is badly need…

I have never heard of vegan condoms and How can they be tested on animals??

I wish I could sleep like that!

No doubt, sexual assault is absolutely wrong. the only thing I wonder about is whether, to some sma…