Five Simple Guidelines for a Good Life

When Cheryl Canfield was diagnosed with advanced cancer at 41, she chose to forego surgery and focus instead on dying well. In the process, she healed herself. Her journey led her to these five simple guidelines that can help all of us to live better, more healed lives.

Here, then, are five simple things that will help us all to have a good life:

1. A means of livelihood that is useful to society–something you enjoy doing.

2. Inspirational things in your life–items that lift you up, such as special music or words or the beauty of nature.

3. Good living habits–regular exercise, sunshine, and fresh air, food that nourishes the body, plenty of rest, and good thoughts. (As Canfield‘s mentor used to say, “Junk thoughts can destroy you even more quickly that junk foods!”)

4. A path of service–something you do with an outgoing motive to be of service, without thought of receiving anything in return.

5. Time spent alone each day in meditation or receptive silence.

Adapted from Profound Healing by Cheryl Canfield (Inner Traditions, 2003). Copyright (c) 2003 by Cheryl Canfield. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Profound Healing by Cheryl Canfield (Inner Traditions, 2003).


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