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Free Yourself from Victimhood – Book Giveaway!

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Free Yourself from Victimhood – Book Giveaway!

We are giving away a copy of Love Has Wings: Free Yourself from Limiting Beliefs and Fall in Love with Life by Care2 blogger Isha Judd. Check out this excerpt and then don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win the book!


An Excerpt from Love Has Wings by Isha Judd

The circumstances that have shaped each of our lives are as unique and individual as our personalities — no two people’s are the same. Yet our ability to grow as individuals, to evolve into more compassionate, loving, and conscious people, depends not on what has happened to us but on our attitude toward these situations. When faced with hardship, do we lie down or step up? Do we resist, or embrace the situation for growth?

Ultimately there are two attitudes we can take in life: the attitude of a victim and that of a creator.

The victim cannot see beauty, abundance, or the inherent perfection of each moment because he has an idea of how things should be, an idea that has inevitably been violated, an idea that is at odds with what is. This sense of dissonance breeds anger — anger toward life, toward god — but it manifests in the victim as a passive, depressive heaviness, inertia, and seeming disinterest, appearing more like sadness than anger. Ultimately, it represents hatred of self, violence toward self. It is the ultimate rejection of what is: violence toward life.

The only way to break this pattern of victimization is by taking the role of the creator. Creators praise their creations; victims criticize. Creators live in appreciation; victims, in complaint, not taking responsibility. These are total opposites. Creators embrace whatever comes their way. They respond to everything with a yes, which enables them to live life in abundance. Victims, on the other hand, are resentful and negative. They cannot see life’s inherent perfection or beauty, because they have a rigid idea of how things should look. Shrouded in a cloak of seething passivity, this is the ultimate rage: it is the rejection of existence, the denial of what is.

Whenever I look at my life with a no, with a different idea of how things should be, I am rejecting life. Because I cannot control the game, I will not play. I cannot understand, so I will not accept. Such is the obsessive extremism of a fearful intellect; its complications suck all the joy out of life. Consciousness lives in the union of the heart. When you live from the heart, there are no questions. When you are the absolute, thedesperate need to understand disappears; it is engulfed by the pregnant joy of pure being. The heart wants for nothing more when it has found love.

How do I transform myself from a victim into a creator? By focusing on love-consciousness, on the silent depths that lie within us all, until I become the mind without thought. Why? There is no why. It just is. When you notice yourself resisting what is — thinking, something could be better in this moment or something is unjust — let go. Remember that when you flow, when you surrender, you are being god. When you are fighting, you’re being a resentful child who won’t take responsibility. Nothing could ever be better in this moment, nothing is unjust, because god is everything; you are god within everything; god is joy; and it’s all your creation.

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8:22AM PDT on Jul 31, 2012

While reading through the first page of the article I was somewhat leery as it discussed negativity and how if victims could just switch from resentment to creator lives would be a lot more easier. Some how victims were not taking responsibility for their lives and should smile, be happy with the right can just do wonders!

Thankfully on the second page there was a reference to the fact that victims could not change their lives if they did not acknowledge the pain, resentment and the wisdom that each victim must face: "You will not become free of it by rejecting or judging it."

Being a victim is a stage that all go through be it a victim of crime including childhood sexual abuse or many others, an illness that is horrific and so many other circumstances.

Eventually we crawl out of the abyss, sometimes falling down the crevice many times until we see the dim light of hope. One transforms from being a victim where the abuser ultimately wins if your life becomes perpetual victim hood to Survivor while striving and at some point in time, a person who can Thrive in the journey of Life.

Nicole states condescendingly "I hate when people constantly play victim. YOU create your own reality." Life can be brutal, a child does not ask to be abused, sexually or otherwise nor do people ask to be robbed, etc. It may take years to go from victim to survivor, striving and then ultimately thriving. Some don't make it but many eventually do.

8:22AM PDT on Jul 31, 2012

For some of the picky people out there in Care2 when it comes to spelling and grammar, my error of some how is being corrected. Somehow! There, there, don't you...naughty contraction, feel much better now!

1:10PM PDT on Jun 25, 2012

wonderful article written about this book... the powerful Energy of Love easily transcends anything the energy of fear dish's up in our inner mind-scape.. our continuing awareness of This liberates us from causing ourself to suffer (unconsciously?) so much.. Shine that Love-Light..!!

8:45AM PDT on May 30, 2012

she's great

3:53PM PDT on May 29, 2012

Thank you so much for putting in words what I have been practising and preaching to every victim I have ever met.
With the" ME" power, I control how, when , where I get out of the victimization that bothers me.
I am always in control of my life as long as I believe in myself.
Thank you and keep the good work.
A lot is riding on our shoulders .

2:04PM PDT on May 29, 2012

In many of our local communities with overwhelming poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence and gangsterism, the victim syndrome is a common one and new material to share with women and youth in discussion groups are always welcome.

8:34AM PDT on May 29, 2012

The victim is a really easy role. One that too many of us have got lost in. I'm sure everyone wld benefit from a book that shows us how not to be a victim. I'm sure I wld appreciate any help I can get. : )

8:13AM PDT on May 29, 2012

I would read this book myself for healing then give it to my cousin who was a victim as well, so she could start her own journey to healing!

7:59AM PDT on May 29, 2012

I lived as a victim for too long; now I relish each day of freedom I have found

7:56AM PDT on May 29, 2012

I live too many years as a victim, but now I relish the freedom I have found

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