From Awareness To Unity

To grow from a speck of consciousness to complete self-awareness is a natural process, although few people get to the end of it. If you close your eyes and sit quietly, you will experience the same feeling of “I am” that a yogi has, but this fundamental sense of self can be very limited or very large. It can be so fragile that a crisis will easily shatter it, or it can be so firm that you could build the world on it.

The fragmented self pretends to be firm and solid, but the rock inside is made of pain, denied emotions, and guilt. This repressed pain eventually makes itself known, either by causing suffering or by bringing up a mirror image which reveals the presence of pain even if the feeling itself cannot be faced. But denial is incredibly powerful. Any reality, however punitive, can be seen as acceptable, even ideal.

There is a huge difference between different states of consciousness, but each one tends to feel as if one has found unity. “Unity” means a sense of being in touch with reality, of seeing things as they are.

Because we all harbor the secret belief that our level of awareness must be the right one, it seems all but impossible to credit that there is, in fact, a state of true unity. The rishis called it Brahmi Chetna, “unity consciousness,” and declared that it was the goal toward which all other states of consciousness are evolving.

Anyone who has a speck of self-awareness is heading, however haltingly, toward it. The difference between me, a man who lives in ordinary waking consciousness, and a man in unity is that I see the world dominated by differences: billions of separate fragments cluster together to form my reality. A man in unity sees these fragments, too, but underneath them he perceives wholeness. To him, the world with all its diversity is just one thing.

Adapted from Unconditional Life: Discovering the Power to Fulfill Your Dreams, by Deepak Chopra (A Bantam Book, 1991).


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Unity Consciousness is a state of consciousness to which one is always on the path. Our various levels of consciousness are the levels which we must pass through on the way to this ultimate state.We, as evolving human beings, cannot bypass any of our individual levels for they are part of our infinite journey. The ultimate state of Unity Consciousness is the destination to which we are all heading in the direction of by being in our own states, for our own states constitute the matrix of enlightenment. Namaste!

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer5 years ago

countless beings was once, and maybe many times, the world destroying devil only learning wisdom and compassion slowly through suffering the devouring judgement of it's own perfect heart till it understands compassion. We are all, here in this accelerated program of soul education together.All at different levels of growth.Linear reality, this mortal plane presents these opportunities. All of creation is emanating from divine unity, willfully forgetting it's true nature, to intensify the drama of action, repercussion and choice. Only our species; uniquely challenged by the capacity for abstract thought, without the blessing of group soul where the being has access to the forever evolving knowledge of it's species, as individuals mastering abstract thought we are challenged at every forking of the path. The other creatures abide in the eternal present. Even the minds of our own body cells straddle present and infinite NOW to know what shape to come back as in their constant process of dying and rebirth.We must choose and choose again what truth we wish to embody. We are the part of Gaia's mind that can look upon itself with wonder and as we master our particular challenges we change the consciousness of the whole.

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer5 years ago

Nita... No one can act any different then their soul age any more than an infant can educate itself to think like a mature or old person.Growth is a process of steps .Everyone is not the same with the same capacity. EVERYONE, all beings two legged or four, etc. all beings are expressions of the creator, living changing at whatever vibratory or experiential rate they find themselves. There is no other place where the God resides outside creation dispensing blessings and punishments,It is immanent and eternal throughout all creation. "God" being omnipotent=all power everywhere, omniscient= all mind of all that is, omnipresent=everywhere there is,,there is no room for anything in creation but God. It is the living soul of all that is, there are no "inert"portions of creation, those parts that we can't imaging being sentient are only operating at a frequency we can't perceive. If we can't imagine clouds as sentient because they seem to disperse too fast imagine how we appear to mountains.All form of all duration holds itself in whatever form, seeing itself different from all the others. An atom is aware of itself, a fly delights in it's self, a Mayfly's sees it's life of one day as forever as we see ours.There is only one substance in existence, that remains itself imperishable, alternating between energy and matter; frequency determines it's form. Whether a tiger, a princess, you,me, nothing exists except god.The merciful Bodhisattva who upon enlightenment delivers count