Frostie the Dancing Cockatoo (2 videos)

This is one cool cockatoo. He’s got the beat. Watch him bob and weave and flap his wings to Ray Charles’s Shake Your Tail Feather.

If you’ve never seen this before, you’ll be blown away.

Watch Frostie perform and then click on page 2 and see a video of him learning his tricks.

Photo Credit: Boss1989

Now if you’ve got soul and really enjoyed that performance…. Well, I don’t want to spoil your fun but you might be curious to see how Frostie managed to dance so well.

Watch his dancing lessons here.


Elisa F.
Elisa F.3 years ago

HaHa! So cute :) Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie I.

very cute. Thanks!

Mel K.
Mel K.5 years ago

He's very cute and fun to watch. =)

Amd Vk
Amd Vk6 years ago

sorry. it should be doesn't

Amd Vk
Amd Vk6 years ago

does matter that Frostie was taught. His performance drove me crazy.

Sandra B.
Sandra B.6 years ago


Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba6 years ago

Go parrot/cockatoo, go! Do your thing.

Cindy B.
Cindy Black6 years ago

I've seen him before, and he is SO GREAT! Who could possibly think animals (or birds!) don't have emotions, intelligence and personalities?

Justin K.
Justin K.6 years ago

i love birds!

SANDRA R.6 years ago

Frostie is so cute and very smart!! Thank you Cris!!