12 Pets Playing in Snow

We love cute holiday pictures sent to us by Care2 members! This group of pictures are pets playing in snow. Here’s hoping for a white Christmas!

Charity is a 9-year-old Great Dane who lives in Iron River, Wisconsin.

Ali and her human take walks every day and she loves the snow. This sweet girl was adopted from a shelter about 3 years ago and this “almost beagle” is her family’s best dog and friend yet!

Mattie is 3 years old and comes from Los Angeles; he has since moved to Vancouver, Canada with his family. Yes, he is an international globe trotter at such a young age!

Here pictured is Meka in the first snow of 2009 for Brooklyn, New York. Meka is an almost-9-year-old Assistance Dog. On his walks in Ft. Greene Park, though, he’s just a happy dog with a ball.

In memory of Merlin (Australian Cattle dog; June 22, 1999 – November 30, 2009)  Best friends forever: Merlin, Zoe and Ozzy.  They all loved to go to the park after a snow fall.  The more snow, the more fun!  Thanks for the years of companionship, joy and love Merlin! You are missed dearly!

Misha is 3 years old and from Denver, Colorado. Her owner Laura was trying to make one of those cute pictures with her dog wearing a Santa hat, but Misha decided the hat was a toy. They had a blast playing in the snow! Misha’s favorite activity is going to her local Dog Scout troop meetings.

This is Photon playing in the snow.

Sandy, the 4-year-old (German Shepard) and Cody, the 2-year-old (Weimaramer) are playing out on their deck, on the first “real” snow day they had in Delaware last January.  They had a lot of fun as you can see.

Trooper, age 10-ish, is from Jasper, Indiana. He loves to romp in the snow with his best buddy Wally (see next page), a lab mix.

Wally, 7 years old from Jasper, Indiana, loves to play in the snow. He gets the sillies when it snows with his buddy Trooper by his side.

Jack Russell, a 9-year-old from Gorham, Maine is helping his owner Cheryl build a snowman. He loves to ‘catch’ snowballs and tries to catch the shovel when his owners are cleaning the snow off the driveway. He is happiest when he is outdoors!

This is Willow Dancer, an Airedale who just turned 10 on September 17th. Though she is all grown up she still thinks of herself as a youngster, according to her owner Linn, and she will run circles around you on walks and will give you, and the squirrels, a run for the money as she tears around the yard.

In Portland, Willow is delighted if she is lucky enough to get some good snow. She wants to go out and play. Once out, she is just like a kid — she does not want to come in from her snowy romp. She puts her head down, and her tail down between her legs, and runs wildly around, snapping at snowflakes like a whirlwind. Then she will roll around in the snow making Airedale snow angels.

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Jade Pochopsky
Jade Pochopsky3 years ago

so cute

Carrie Anne Brown

great photos :) thanks for sharing

Sharon Nevils
Sharon Nevils3 years ago

# 1 looke very dapper & dignified in his litlle outfit & I guess # 6 was hungry ........ Cute & TY 4 sharing .

Lisa Gray
Lisa Gray3 years ago

Thanks for the adorable pictures!

Emily Barkovic
Emily Barkovic3 years ago

so cute

Howard Crosse
.3 years ago

I live in England where we haven't seen snow yet this year. Last year we had quite a bit of snow by this time, the first time my then 2 year old Staffie had seen it - he found chasing snowballs to be real fun but he couldn't understand why the 'ball' disappeared - kept him busy for a while!

Dan B.
Dan Brook3 years ago

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Aletta Kraan
Aletta Kraan3 years ago

Thanks, delightful to see then in the snow !

Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege3 years ago


Tammy P.
Tammy P.3 years ago

I think my dogs would love the snow because they love the outdoors but I live in SC and we get snow rarely. I wish we would get a good snowstorm so they can play in it.