Fruit Juices: Don’t Let the “Pure” Label Fool You

Can you believe anything big corporations tell you these days…especially if it has to do with healthy, natural food?  Recent media attention is shining a harsh light on the use of “pure” to describe beverages such as mass-produced, big-brand orange juices like Minute Maid, Tropicana, Simply Orange, and Florida’s Natural.

It is probably not news to you that the processing part of these manufactured drinks removes most of the essential, healthy elements of the juice; however, did you know that the companies add artificial flavoring back into juice that has been de-oxygenated and stored for up to a year?

Year-old juice with artificial flavor is not my idea of pure. If you really want orange juice, consider making it yourself – it isn’t that hard, takes about a minute, and ultimately it is cheaper than buying cartons of low-quality orange drink.  You can use an inexpensive manual juicer or splurge for an automated version.  If you have a high-powered blender that will pulverize the seeds, you can peel and blend whole oranges for a whole juice experience.

Alternatively, you can get your orange fix, complete with fiber, by tearing into a whole juicy orange and benefit from the truly pure health properties it provides.

Adapted with permission from World’s Healthiest News by Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD.  Subscribe to my free e-newsletter World’s Healthiest News for more health tips, news, and recipes.

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