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Irish Girl Saves Sheep With Facebook

A doe-eyed Dublin girl with a big heart saved her sheep, Ernie, at the eleventh hour from being turned into a Sunday night Irish stew. According to a local Irish newscast, a few weeks ago, Orlaith O …


Daily Cute: Escaping Baby Pandas

This little pandas are amazing escape artists. Watch the cutest panda babies escape from their cribs time after time -- it never gets old! Related Startled Red Panda's Dramatic Reaction (Video) …


The Herb Growing Cheat Sheet (Infographic)

Has spring sprung? The weather might still be deciding, but it's not too early to start thinking about your indoor and outdoor herb gardens. With the help of this infographic, you can provide your her…


The Humane Way to Keep Herons Out of Koi Ponds

For those with decorative ponds that contain Koi and other expensive fish, keeping large, long-billed birds from eating them can be a challengeóespecially if you donít want to harm these beautiful ani…


8 Natural Ways To Get Rid of House Flies

Shoo, fly! Don't bother me! When they manage to make their way into your home, house flies are unpleasant and annoying to have around, with their incessant movement and relentless buzzing. Much worse …


7 Surprising Ways to Use Pet Hair

Pet hair here, pet hair there, pet hair everywhere! Yep, if there's anything pet parents have plenty of, it's pet hair, so why not put some if it to good use? Read on for clever ways to reuse your ani…


How to Stop 1 Billion Birds From Flying Into Windows and Buildings

A billion birds a year are accidentally flying into windows and buildings. The problem is particularly bad in the spring and fall, when birds are migrating across continents and hemispheres rather†tha…


Why Deep Ocean Water is a Renewable Resource with Potential Health Benefits

Located 820 feet and more below the surface of the ocean is an incredible substance that may have profound curative effects.† Called Deep Ocean Water, it is dense with minerals. This nutrient-rich wat…


5 Nuts Not Grown in California

National almond, walnut and pistachio crops are very thirsty, and predominantly grown in drought-stricken California; if youíre looking for alternatives, consider these. The great nut hubbub of 201…


17 Incredible Things About Jane Goodall, Chimps and the Jungle

Many consider Dr. Jane Goodall a lifelong heroine; her pioneering work on the social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees have forever changed the way we view our ancestors the great apes, the …


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