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5 Chemicals in Lawn Fertilizer You Want To Avoid

Lawn chemicals are designed to kill weeds and bugs. But they can harm people, too, which is why so many communities are banning or minimizing their use. According to, suburban law…


13 Amazing and Critically Endangered Frogs

Today is Endangered Species Day, an event organized by a number of conservation groups to raise awareness about the many species that are in real danger of becoming extinct. In honor of this day, I wa…


Loudest Cat Purr In The World

Americans have a reputation for being loud, but in the the contest of who has the loudest cat, the Brits have now won two Guinness Book of World Records (GWR) titles in a row. In 2011, a British k…


Stop Killing Wolves in Alaska, Says Care2 Petition Author

People are killing wolves so other people can kill moose. That is essentially what's going on in Alaska, where the state's Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is shooting wolves from the air as a str…


How to Create a Pollinator Oasis Right at Home

Did you know that about one-third of the world’s food crop production relies on pollination? Perhaps due to this connection, the plight of pollinators (bees in particular) has recently become highl…


Picking on Cloth Diapers Misses the Point About Cotton

Cloth diapers made from conventional cotton may not be a great environmental choice, but what we really should be talking about is the cotton, not the diapers. In a recent Washington Post piece, Ke…


Nepal’s Animal Earthquake Victims Getting Help

More than a week after the little Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal was struck by an earthquake so massive it shrunk Mt. Everest, people and animals are struggling to get back on their feet. As internatio…


11 Ways to Eliminate Genetically-Modified Food from the Planet

By now you may have heard that the state of Vermont was victorious against the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and other industry groups in upholding their law requiring genetically-modified f…


Daily Cute: Man Serenades Mesmerized Cattle with Trombone

The days of the snake charmer are not over. Watch a beautiful scene of cattle running throught their pasture, toward a musician who is waiting for them to be his audience. This clip really reminds u…


8 of The Worst Foods For You

It's pretty easy to know what foods are good and bad for you. Of course, homemade mac and cheese isn't exactly the most nutritious food you can eat, and fresh berries are healthy and delicious. Even i…


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