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Great News: Amur Leopard Population Doubles

My 10-year-old daughter did a school report on Amur leopards a few years ago and ever since then, this stunningly gorgeous cat has been her favorite animal. But with her love and admiration for this b…


Mama Pig Miraculously Lives to Care for Her 13 Newborn Piglets (Video)

When Emma arrived at Apricot Lane Farms, she was very sickly, underweight and pregant. It was a wonder 13 healthy piglets survived out of the 16 Emma was pregnant with. No one knew if Emma was going…


Koalas Are Really Upset. The Result is the Cutest Fight Ever (Video)

Passionate arguments are not funny. Unless the argument is composed of a series of extremely adorable squeaky noises. Add these koalas' fluffy and cute appearances and you can't fight a smile ... yo…


Sea Lion Hugs Dog on the Beach (Video)

This friendly sea lion looks a little lost as he clings to the nearest animal for an adorable hug. We're happy a calm and collected dog could be a safe resting place for this young and confused sea …


Lifeguard Cuts Dolphin Free, Saves His Life

This rescue crew went out of their way to save a dolphin's life. If you needed a mood-booster, this is it. The video is a little fuzzy, but the good deed is crystal clear. Related Dog and Dolph…


Rollie the Armadillo Loves His Toy (Video)

Rollie the armadillo is really, really, really ... really ... cute. His rolls, pounces and little stature make him irresistible for any animal lover. Watch Rollie have a ball with his pink toy durin…


Baby Goat Dances On Lazy Pig (Video)

At first, this video is weird. Then add adorable, funny and "we love this goat!" to the mix, and you have the final result. Related Looking at Cute Kittens Improves Focus Dalmatian Adopts Spo…


Angry Hippo Charges Speed Boat (Video)

This clip is both awesome and terrifying! Hippos look slow, even a little silly. Watch this video to see a territorial hippo in action. Related Bao Bao the Giant Panda's First Snow Day (Video) …


Bao Bao the Giant Panda’s First Snow Day (Video)

Watch giant panda Bao Bao play in snow for his very first time. The sixteen-month-old Bao Bao lives in Washington D.C. with his mother Mei Xian--the panda you see Bao Bao pounce on after happily rol…


Spy Drones Reveal the Truth About Factory Farms (Video)

Factory farm conditions have long been protested, but this raw visual footage is even harder to ignore. We are seeing the truth with this bird's eye view -- from the pools of feces and urine to the …


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