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Baby Deer Walks Right Up to Little Girl. Instant Pals (Video)

A tiny fawn has no problem getting close to a fellow youngin' when this family starts unpacking from their canoe trip. Maya thought this deer was separated from its mother so she did her best and le…


Help Cheer On Rock Climbing Bears (Video)

The woman behind the camera is doing what we're all doing: rooting for this little cub! Rock climbing is tough, even with skilled paws. Watch an adorable scene of the little cub that could. Relat…


One Man’s Face-Off With a Deadly Predator (Video)

A National Geographic photographer retells his amazing experience -- when he met one of Antarctica's most vicious predators. Watch Paul Nicklen take you step by step through his story, and learn why…


Injured Snowy Owl Flies Again With New Feathers

A snowy owl that was hit by a bus in Washington, D.C., is now recovering after having 18 of its feathers replaced. The Arctic-dwelling birds rarely make it as far south as the nation's capital, but…


15 Weird Facts About Whales (Plus 4 Amazing Videos)

Whales are so obviously different from us, yet surprisingly similar in so many ways. They are extremely intelligent and social beings that share our lifespan and often our close-knit family structures…


What You Should Know About Methane (CO2′s Evil Stepsister)

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the greenhouse gas that gets tossed around in most climate change conversations. But methane (CH4) is making its way into the mainstream spotlight. Methane is released in…


Elephant Spontaneously Spurs Piano Duet (Video)

Who says pianists need fingers? Peter the elephant is perfectly happy using his trunk to rock out to a 12 Bar Blues piano duet with this musician. Related Injured Elephants Reunite After 22-Year…


SeaWorld Orcas On Valium-Like Drugs

So there you have it. SeaWorld's orcas are not happy. So much so, that their caregivers prescribe the veterinarian equivalent of Xanax and Valium - benzodiazepine - to get some of them through the day…


Amazing Win for Whales: Japan’s Annual Hunt Ruled Illegal

This week, Greenpeace International, one of the world's leading anti-whaling organization announced that marine mammal advocates can "jump for joy" as there will likely be no whaling in the Southern O…


Cat Stuck In Tree For 5 Days Rescued Thanks to Social Media

In Pearl Misssissippi, cat cries could be heard throughout a neighborhood last week. Binx, a black kitty, had found himself in a pickle up a 50-foot Sweet Gum tree. After unsuccessfully trying to l…


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