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This Clever Game is Like Guitar Hero, But For Bird Songs

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has created a new tool to help bird-watchers learn bird songs in a visual, as well as auditory, way. It's an online game that they call Bird Song Hero, an homage to the …


Meet a Lion Family via a Toy Car (Video)

You wouldn't go right up to a lion and shake his or her paw, would you? Well, that's why a toy car came into the picture. This sounds silly, but it's actually a beautiful and effective way to grab…


Baby Elephant Rescued by Concerned Herd

What would you do if your six month old baby was washed away while crossing over river? Of course, that's not a likely scenario, but one that happened... to a baby elephant. I held my breath wat…


‘RatGirl’ Breeds and Releases Rats in San Francisco

Batman, CatGirl, WonderWoman, Wolverine and now ... RatGirl!  Before saying, wow, that is cool, let it be known that RatGirl is not a superhero nor a fictional character in a comic strip, but rather a…


Goats Bounce on Steel Ribbon (Video)

This steel ribbon is not a random object. Well, at least for these goats it's not. Their new discovery is marked with confusion and a little bit of bounce! Watch this group of goats turn trash into …


Amazing Encounter With an Adorable Elephant Seal Pup (Video)

"This young elephant seal is what's known as a "weaner" -- recently weaned and about 2-3 months old. I refer to it as "he", but we really couldn't be sure what the gender was. I was part of an…


Have You Hugged Your Chicken Today? (Video)

Sometimes, watching a pure moment of unadulterated love is all we need. Watch this child embrace a chicken -- yes, a chicken -- for a wonderful and long hug. Related Are Chickens Smarter Than Y…


Rabid Cat Attacks Woman and Children

Earlier this month, in Pittsburgh's Spring Hill neighborhood, local authorities warned residents about a rabid cat that not only attacked a woman and two children but was still loose in the neighborho…


Hero the Calf Gets New Legs (Video)

Watch an amazing story about a calf that needed a new lease on life. This calf gets a new set of prosthetic legs so that she can walk, good as new. Related 8 Fascinating Facts About Cows Fami…


Orphaned Baby Manatee is Bottle-Fed (Video)

Found without a mom, this baby manatee was taken in so he would not die in the wild. Watch this pudgy little guy's meal time happen as he gets nursed by helpers. Related Your Oreos Are Helping t…


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Heather S. Heather S.
on Love Bars
4 minutes ago

How precious and amazing are these two! I love both Puddy Tat and Turbo! I'm so glad to see these …

Take heed to Katie K's comment.

Beautiful friendship and wonderful story.Animals are so much more "humane" than people, they do judg…

What an article! Some of these quotes are right on the money. Thank you Care 2.