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If You Love Whales, Fight for a Silent Ocean

It's time to end the cruel slaughter of whales and leave these magnificent creatures alone. ~ Paul McCartney Living in coastal New England has its perksóCape Cod day trips, fishing your own lobster…


Elephants Dance to Violin Music (and It Didn’t Happen in a Circus)

Concert violinist Eleanor Bartsch was warming up for her performance of the Bach Concerto for Two Violins with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra when she decided to take her violin playing outdoors. She…


Top 4 Facts About the People’s Climate March

What's the People's Climate March? How do I get there? The World Health Organization convened its first ever conference on Climate Change and Health in Geneva, Switzerland August 27-29th, 2014. …


Jaguar & Dog Absolutely Love Each Other (Video)

Bullet and Jag are best friends at this lovely animal sanctuary. When Jag grew up to be a big cat, the handlers separated him from Bullet for safety reasons. After Jag cried all night and Bullet sto…


Cute Orphaned Orangutan Rescued from Life on a Leash (Video)

A well-meaning farmer took in this orphaned baby orangutan, but he didn't know how to care for her. Watch her get rescued for the second and final time, as this cutie is taken away to a proper rescu…


Happiest Elephant Plays with a Ribbon (Video)

Ribbon dancing is all the rage in the jungle. Check out this little ballerina's cute moves. This elephant helped us celebrate World Wildlife Day in the happiest way. We hope it does the same for y…


How Not to Spread Invasive Pests

When hungry insects decide to travel to new areas, they can devastate crops and trees and upset native ecosystems. And we humans often inadvertently provide transportation for these hungry pests. …


Hilarious British Voiceovers of Wildlife (Video)

What are animals really saying? Here's one funny take on wildlife dialogue behind the scenes. Related Cute Fox Borrows Dog's Toy. Dog Doesn't Think It's Cute (Video) Miracle Panda Triplets Born…


‘Miracle’ Panda Triplets Are Born in China (Video)

The chance of a panda giving birth to triplets is one in one hundred, so this is quite a rare sight for China's persistent panda breeding program. They are hopeful all three pandas will survive. Wat…


Cute Fox Borrows Dog’s Toy. Dog Doesn’t Think It’s Cute (Video)

"Why would this fox take my toy?" A question that will plague this dog until the end of time. Watch this dog get less-than-happy about a cute little fox borrowing his dog toy. Related Chuck…


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Hey! Here's an idea. How about teaching the parents not to have more mouths than they can feed? W…

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