Giraffe Chasing a Butterfly (Video)

Once this adorable baby giraffe spots a butterfly at the Bronx Zoo, he immediately takes off and follows it amongst the trees. The baby giraffe runs in circles after it, but gives up after a couple of seconds because he realizes that the butterfly is too fast for him. He eventually comes to a halt and continues with what he was previously doing with his mother.

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Angela K.
Angela K.8 months ago

This beautiful creature live in captivity ....he will never experience the feeling of freedom in his natural habitat.
Therefore, I can't feel joy as some others here.

Julia Oleynik
Julia Oleynik2 years ago

Beautiful movement :) Thanks for sharing :)

Mary Cromley
.2 years ago

So cute.

Christinaalex Nicki
.3 years ago

so cute,i just love it,thank you for sharing

Vita Pagh
Vita P.3 years ago

I think the Giraffe was inspired by the butterfly to exercise a little at the same time...

Amandine S.
Past Member 3 years ago

Sweet ! I love it !

Kayleigh Harter
Kayleigh Harter3 years ago


Terry V.
Terry V.3 years ago


Lydia Weissmuller Price

I'm not sure if he was chasing the butterfly, but seeing it inspired a moment of sheer joy in him. How do people ever lose this sense of awe and wonder as they mature? It's a pity.

ila v.
ila v.3 years ago

Precious sweetie!! Thank you - it was awesome to watch!