Going Off Antidepressants the Safe Way

Ready to stop taking your antidepressants? Don’t throw out the pill bottle just yet. Going off your medication takes time. Learn more.

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Sally T.
Sally T.2 years ago

When smart arse overpaid or Drugs Company bribed GPs give a patient "a new medication" and suddenly removes the chemicals which were having a beneficial balancing effect in their body, that withdrawal can have a dramatic; In the case of my mother's friend's daughter's life it was a fatal interference. Here in Glasgow we're deluged with bogus untrained, unqualified, unlicensed and uninsured "pseudo-professionals" from fake Police in Ebay uniforms to folk working as "lawyers" and "GP's"; God Forbid that they ever get inside a Surgical team, yet there ARE people taking up jobs locally & being noticed as constantly calling for help then standing back whilst qualified experienced members of staff entirely do their job for them (!?) Nobody is flagging this up as needing closer attention??? Ive been abused twice on recent visits to supposed GPS and been completely convinced within minutes that neither was even qualified, in fact I'd say these were two thugs in the employ of the local Drug Dealers. The same people who are money-laundering through my Bank Account.The same people as stole a Euromillions Jackpot win from me 2.5yrs ago. Despite having been in a Police attended head-on car crash which left me with permanent injuries in recurrent severe pain with sensory and hand grip issues; I can hardly hold cutlery at times & recently couldnt pull down a blinds cord, this is what these sadists call No Injury; so Im prescribed FAKE Painkillers. Mum's friend's daughter DIED beca