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Green Girl Adventures

Green Girl Confronts Communication

Let me just begin by saying that I do not like confrontation. No, that is simply not for me. Nor do I like it when people confront me. Nor do I like it when there is a reason for confrontation. So…


Green Girl Takes the No Plastic Holiday Challenge

Last Saturday was my familyís annual holiday shopping day. No, we do not go on Black Friday--weíre not intense enough for that. Plus, with that Wal-Mart store employee getting killed in a stampede t…


Green Girl Gives Thanks

Right now, I am at home, sitting in my real bed, in my real room, with my dogs curled up beside my feet. I must say that, though I have been quite happy recently, I have not felt this completely rel…


Green Girl Nips Bacteria in the Bud

It's that time of year again. The weather is changing, and people are getting sick in hordes. It's bad. There are lines out the door at health services, and everywhere you go people are coughing an…


Green Girl Maneuvers Messiness

I think that it is time to admit something to you. Something that I am not proud of. I, Lily Berthold-Bond, am a very messy girl. I simply cannot be clean. My laundry piles up, my dishes donít get…


Green Girl Electrified by the Election

Tuesday night was certainly quite an event for our country! I must say that being on a college campus was an amazing way to spend the election. Our generation is, perhaps for the first time ever, in…


Green Girl Struggles With Sleep

Oh, sleep. For many college students, it seems to be a fleeting dream. Between classes, studying, problem sets, papers, rehearsals, meetings, and eating, sleep simply doesn't fit into our schedules…


Green Girl Falls for Farmers Markets

Ahhh, fall is in the air, indeed. The crisp coolness, the changing foliage, the switch from T-shirts and flip flops to sweaters and scarves. Personally, I love fall; it's my favorite season and alwa…


Green Girl Takes to Teens Turning Green

After my findings about endocrine disruptors in teens, I have been extra careful about what products I use. I've had an eagle eye out for chemicals, trying to find brands to suggest that my friends s…


Green Girl Disposes of Endocrine Disrupters

I know how it goes, ladies. You wake up for your 10:30 class (so early!), roll out of bed, throw on some clothes, brush your teeth, and glance in the mirror--only to be horrified. You think, "I'll …


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Sue, maybe Dr Rita B. had a problem posting her comment and had to refresh the page over and over ag…

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