Grey-Headed Flying Fox Loves Grapes (Video)

Charlie the grey-headed flying fox doesn’t want chicken soup when he’s at home in bed. He prefers to adorably stock up to five grapes in his mouth, chomping them on his way to recovery. After Charlie got himself stuck on a balcony one morning, he hurt his thumbs and needed some compassion (and fruit!). Watch this darling little bat get plenty of each.

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Christine Jones
Christine Jabout a year ago

Little piggy! Too cute.

Magdalena J.
Past Member 2 years ago

Thank you!

Phil M.
Phil M2 years ago

Charlie is totally into those grapes .

Julia Oleynik
Julia Oleynik2 years ago

Wonderful creature, thank you)

Patricia Welch
Patricia W2 years ago

cont ...Most bats eat many times their weight in insects every night, but Flying Foxes chow on pollen, nectar and fruit, and help pollinate and spread seeds of native plants.
And they can have a wingspan of over a yard wide. Impressive!

Hope Charlie is doing well.

Patricia Welch
Patricia W2 years ago

Just adorable, and not scary at all

Sonia Valencia
Sonia Valencia2 years ago

I never heard of a flying fox but it's so freakin cute.

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Angev GERIDONI2 years ago

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Slava R.
Slava R2 years ago

Amazing. Bookmarked. Thank u.