Grownup Handmade Friendship Jewelry

Friendship amongst women is one of the sweetest parts of life, and you’re never too old to sport the jewelry to prove it. While we move past the age of knotted friendship bracelets and broken heart necklaces, let’s look towards more grownup DIY jewelry we can share with those we cherish most.

Etched in Metal creates amazing personalized necklaces for you and your BFFs (best friends forever). For $90, you send in your favorite photo of you and your buds and choose a chain for your pendant. You can also write a note for your friends in your own handwriting that will be etched on the back.

If bracelets are more your thing, consider this awesome $36 customized sterling silver bracelet from Georgie Designs. The bangle features the first initial of both you and your BFF. Don’t forget to order one for yourself!

Playing on the theme of the popular broken heart BFF necklace comes this $37 puzzle design from Best Pers Jewelry. This 18k gold plated puzzle necklace features two fitting pieces and sports your name etched on one with your friends name adorning the other. You can also choose the length of your chain.

Our personal favorite piece comes from Curious Catfish, a super cool Etsy store. The “red string of fate” comes from an East Asian belief that says that the Gods tie an invisible red string around the ankles or little finger of those who are destined to meet each other. The necklaces are made from hand painted watercolor on paper sealed behind resin and mounted in a silver pendant.

My Jewelry Story created this simple yet chic way to share a bond with your BFF. If you’re more into personalization, the design can be changed to say each of your names.


Bravo j.
Bravo j.4 months ago

Remarkable blog! I have no words to praise, it has really allured bar necklaces

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This blog is really precious and super valuable. I beyond doubt appreciate efforts that you have helped lots of the people. Thanks

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Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez4 years ago

I like the first one--the photo etched on metal, but my bffs and I have bracelets that I tatted using silk thread and buttons. They are unique and hand made!

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago

cute... but expensive

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Sheri P.
Sheri P.4 years ago

hmmmm, not sure i'd wear any of those. the first one was cool, though.

Samantha Hodder
Sam Hodder4 years ago

these are pricey gifts if you buy them, but they can also be handmade if you make jewellery and work with metal. I could never etch the photos, but there are a few of these I could make. :)

Samantha Hodder
Sam Hodder4 years ago


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Thanks for the article.