Heal Your Office with Crystals

Everything has a unique vibration, and surrounding yourself with those that are harmonious to our body’s rhythms is often a key to health and well-being. But most of us work in offices filled with unnatural vibrations from computers, cell phones, and other electronic equipment.

Helpful crystals can offset the negative impact of these unnatural vibrations. Find out which stones can help to make your office a healthier and more harmonious place, here:

Helpful Crystals and Colors

Sky blue crystals enhance communication and creativity: wear them or hang them near your desk. These include, aquamarine, azurite, larimar, blue flourite, and lapis lazuli. An alternative would be to place a blue-themed poster or painting where you can see it.

White helps us think clearly, so you might consider placing a quartz crystal in front of you while you work. An alternative might be to use a white blotter on your desk.

Yellow gives mental energy, integrity, willpower, and hard work–the perfect qualities for work! Try citrine, amber, yellow fluorite, or tourmaline. An alternative might be taping a strip of yellow paper to your computer, or placing a predominantly yellow painting near your desk.

Orange stones strengthen emotions, financial power, and creativity, so try rhodochrosite, citrine, and amber. An alternative might be placing a fresh orange near your computer.

By Annie B. Bond


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Jessica M3 years ago

This is great information. Thanks so much for sharing. I am going to get some of my crystals out and try using them in my home office space!!! :)

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Interesting. Thanks for the post.

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Bonni Fellows
Bonni Fellows6 years ago

I am a stone reader and I think the use of crystals for healing is a fabulous idea. But I have to warn everyone, crystals are very personal items. they attach themselves to people. They also absord the energy around them. They need to be recharged regularly and cleansed by someone who knows how to do it without imprinting on it. Crystals are living breathing creatures. They will backfire on you if they are not treated with respect. Thank you!

Louis Olivencia
Louis Olivencia6 years ago

Yes they truly work...real natural crystals not the ones shown here on the photo! Those are man made glass crystals!