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Mental Wellness

How to Improve Your Health with Gratitude

Achieving wellness includes far more than what you eat or how active you are. It includes thoughts and habits too, such as gratitude. When you make practicing gratitude part of your healthy lifestyle,…


Why Rejection Hurts More When You’re Depressed

Anyone whos ever encountered clinical depression (either in themselves, or in a loved one) knows that a depressed person can't just "get over it" when someone else rejects or ridicules them. New rese…


Can Money Buy Happiness? (Infographic)

There's this idea in our society that if you want something, you can buy it. But, time-old questions about whether we can buy love, friendship or even happiness still nag at us in a world filled with …


7 Surprising Myths & Facts About Left-Handers

Just about one in ten of us are left-handed. Those of us -- myself included -- who are part of this club know all too well the pitfalls of being a lefty in a right-handed world. Scissors. Ay! Can ope…


7 Common Stressors That Could Harm Your Health

There's no debate -- when your body is stressed, it just doesn't function properly. The trouble is, a surprising amount of everyday activities have the tendency to rack up your stress levels --sometim…


Speak Loud & Clear with Your Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra leads us out of the darkness with voice, sound, intention and purpose. Itis the throat chakra. But before we dive into that, here's a quick explanation of what chakras are if you'…


The Surprising Natural Remedy for Anxiety

When you think of anxiety, you probably think of work stress, home stress, and family stress. You probably never consider what happens in your gut as a relevant factor for your emotional health. But a…


5 Ways for Women to Boost Body Image

Its not news that for women, body image is a loaded topic. With fat shaming, catcalling, and unsolicited comments about our hair, its no wonder some of us turn into full-on Frank Underwood neurotics…


How Anger Harms Your Heart

Have you ever gotten so enraged at work that you actually gritted your teeth in frustration? Did your last disagreement with your partner cause you to ball your fists in fury and leave the room? As…


10 Psychology Myths, Debunked

In this eye-opening TED Talk, psychologist Ben Ambridge dives into 10 psychology myths that have been proven wrong and something called our Psy-Q. Ambridge describes Psy-Q as how well we know our …


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