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Eating for Health

10 Things You Need to Know About Protein Power

You need protein to build muscle, manage your metabolism, and support tissue repair. But how much? What kind? And can you get too much? We answer your top-12 questions about protein. When it …


16 Benefits of Cayenne (Infographic)

We've all been there: guiltily slathering our food with ketchup, hot sauce, mayonaisse -- whatever salty and fatty sauce we can overuse to gain flavor. Cayenne is one of the unicorns of the food world…


The Type of Apple That Could Help You Lose Weight

In 1868, Maria Ann (Granny) Smith found a seedling by the creek that ran by her property in Australia. The seed bore light green apples, which Granny Smith found to be perfect for both snacking and co…


11 Tasty Food Swaps for ‘Clean Eating’ (Infographic)

Sometimes, we hold on to that slice of pizza with the jaws of life. That's fine, we all deserve a balanced diet. Other times, we eat not-so-healthy foods that can easily be swapped for tasty, nutrient…


Prevent Diabetes by Avoiding This Sugar-Free Substitute

Millions of people around the world consume diet drinks with artificial sweeteners to lose weight or to prevent diabetes. They are sabotaging their weight-loss efforts.†Artificial sweeteners caus…


Basmati Cakes with Curry Banana Sauce

These cakes have a great crunchy texture on the outside, and topping them with the sweet and spicy curry sauce adds even more texture and flavor! Can be served as a great appetizer or main dish. Sa…


What Fruits & Vegetables Use the Most Water?

Farms across the US are struggling with extreme droughts and rising water costs. Climate change and droughts have reduced the available surface water flowing from mountain ranges to irrigate crops. Fa…


Why Looking at Sugar May Work Against You

I've heard that simply looking at sugary foods can trigger an insulin response. Is that true? It sounds crazy, but the sight of that glazed doughnut on your coworker's†desk can jump-start a†r…


The Off-the-Charts Powers of This Green Food Group (Infographic)

We know, there is one item that isn't so green (ahem, radicchio). Since purple is the new green in terms of antioxidants, we're willing to make an exception. Check out this extensive list of green sup…


Super Simple and Delicious Black Bean Chili

This yummy black bean chili is perfect for a cold autumn or winter evening, but itís so good youíll probably want to enjoy it in every season.† Itís simple to make.† I add the dried beans to a slow co…


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