HeartFusion: The Magic of Imprinting Water

I recently read a wonderful, innovative book by, Jana Shiloh, MA CCH entitled HeartFusion™: The Magic of Imprinting Water.

I was delighted to have discovered this book because a brand new technology based on homeopathic principles is covered in great detail. It teaches the basics of what the author has discovered in her own homeopathic and flower essence practice, in such a way that anyone can do it to treat themselves (or even their children and animals) for conditions which are often referred to as ‘stuck emotions, core issues, old traumas,’ etc.  Here we find a lovely marriage between homeopathic principles and Dr. Masaru Emoto’s famous work with water crystals.

I covered the medical system known as Homeopathy in an article perviously published here, Homeopathy for Dogs and Cats. Don’t let the mention of dogs or cats dissuade you from reading it for an understanding of homeopathy for people as the principles behind homeopathy work on all mammals in the same way.

To review the principles briefly, homeopathic remedies are based most often, on imprinted water from plant, mineral, vegetable or energetic sources. Homeopathy is a form of energy medicine. The main principle in homeopathy is that, in order to stimulate the whole ‘being’ (physical, mental and emotional) into healing and rebalancing itself, is by use of a substance (frequency) which must be chosen in order to create the same combination of symptoms we would find in a healthy person. This is known as the law of similars or, “Like Cures Like.” The body and mind react to this subtle energy ‘reminder’ of what is wrong, and responds by healing itself, but only if the remedy and the potency are accurate. The energy of the substance is actually imprinted into water in a very special way. Because the process is energetic and not chemical, it is known (when the right remedy is found) to work instantly and shift energy to cause healing. The important thing in homeopathy is to find just the right remedy to match the combination of symptoms the patient has. It takes a lot of training to practice true classical homeopathy to this level. However, this book offers some exciting new possibilities for those interested in healing themselves as well as students of homeopathy to explore. You will be venturing out on a path that has not been walked on before but that is how many great innovations are discovered!

Dr. Masaru Emoto, in his book The Messages from Water (Hay House, 2009) demonstrated again and again how water is imprintable. If you are familiar with Dr. Emoto you will recall that he is the gentleman from Japan who proved that prayer, thought, emotions, music, etc., all carry frequencies that can imprint water. His ideas were presented in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? You might also recall the beautiful water chrystals that looked like snowflakes. Using these principles which Dr. Emoto explored and fusing them with homeopathic principles, Ms. Shiloh attests, can work quite well with imprinted water. Many people are more familiar with homeopathic remedies when they are found on health food store shelves in the form of pellets, tablets granules, and tinctures, but water imprints perfectly for our purposes.

In HeartFusion™ Ms. Shiloh may have just taken the next step in the evolution of homeopathy which she refers to as “Personal Growth Homeopathy.” It may take a while for the homeopathic community to embrace this new technology but she certainly has caught my attention. I thoroughly enjoyed the session that I did with her personally and am quite impressed with the outcome.

I have watched mainstream medical professionals for nearly 20 years not have or wish to have any understanding of homeopathy. One might recognize that that is because their paradigm is Newtonian physics, where only ‘matter matters!’  Therefore homeopathy has been misunderstood and attacked by many doctors and scientists for over 100 years because after a certain dilution is reached there is “nothing” in the remedy (on a material or chemical level) as it has been taken to that place of pure energy which homeopaths refer to as imprinted. This special process is then referred to as ‘potentization.’  Homeopathic remedies become energetic as in a Quantum paradigm; this concept just hasn’t reached the mainstream, allopathic medical world yet here in the USA, so therefore it is not readily understood. But once you make that ‘quantum leap’ to energy medicine a whole new world of healing to explore opens up for you and gives you much more control over your ability to heal yourself.

Homeopathic pharmacies make homeopathic remedies under very strict guidelines (FDA supervised). But if they are not understood, they will not be used by Western trained physicians. Why? Because, they use a process that captures the energetic signatures from plants, minerals and just about anything, especially if the proper preparation methods are utilized.

Homeopaths have even discovered they could capture pure energies like X-ray or the sun or even electricity and make homeopathic remedies. Those energies are just as real as those from plants or minerals. This I know, may sound very ‘far out’ if you have not studied or worked with homeopathy or energy medicine before. But let us not forget that acupuncture is enegy medicine as well and it is now found in the ‘mainstream’ today. Those of us who have had experience with working with these subtle energies, find the results can be and often are nothing short of astounding. Once you understand that the homeopathic practitioner is looking for a frequency to stimulate a response from the whole being to accomplish a total healing then you will realize homeopathic healing is unlike a drug or chemical substance that forces a symptom to stop (or just ‘palliates’ meaning covers up or masks the symptom).

When you practice energy medicine on this level you get new eyes to appreciate this method of healing, even if it does sound a bit like Star Trek and something “Bones” might offer Dr. Spock for a quick healing fix!

In the book, HeartFusion™ a recent controlled and double blind study that was done in England (where homeopathy is well received partly because of the Royal Families support of it) is mentioned where energy was captured and imprinted into water from electric devices and turned into a remedy; it was then given to people who had electrical sensitivities. The placebo results were zero, the results from the electrical remedy showed major improvement in 100% of all the patients.  I found this extremely interesting as it gives the reader a new possibility for the way we think about the benefits of energy healing!

Jana Shiloh’s book is simply written, it is not a technical book that will put you to sleep but one for everyone who enjoys energy medicine subject matter. It teaches lay people how to make a homeopathic remedy in this special way, for themselves, and even their animal companions, based on their own energy. It starts with the basics and leads you through understanding and rationale behind the process and basis of the HeartFusion™ technique. It  teaches you how to do her protocol yourself.  Obviously anyone with a medical condition should seek the council of their medical professional as the book does not substitute for medical care but certainly causes no harm on its own, which is far more than we can say for drug therapies and surgical interventions. However the reader must be prudent as well as practical and follow your doctors advice for your own medical condition and not take the authors suggestions as medical advice for the treatment of any problem you might have.

The author shared with me, her own experience as to what led her to this discovery: “Two years ago I was about to lead a workshop; I woke that morning and got the inner message to have people make a remedy for themselves from a deep emotion or core issue that has become a pattern running through their lives. I had considered it before, when Dr. Emoto came out with his research showing the difference between the imprinting of ‘love and hate’ in water, but I never pursued it. The results were wildly successful. All of us (myself included) felt a major shift immediately with the remedies we had just made. Having now worked with over 200 clients with this process I can say that everyone feels change. Most report a feeling of light, expansion, and a sense of release from the constrictive energy and pain they had been experiencing. Anxiety attacks, old fear, grief and rage are some of the emotions I have seen easily dissolve. The best part was being able to take the remedy home to use whenever the feelings arose again. It becomes a constant source of ‘unwinding’ of old patterns. Much later I discovered that this special process with imprinted water could also be done with positive emotions.”

In the book, Ms. Shiloh further explains how to dissolve the difficult issues and emotions in your life and amplify the positive ones. She also expresses that her protocol has been successful with children and animals, too. Again, in my opinion it is an exciting breakthrough that once mastered may be extremely valuable and can certainly do no harm.

This is a wonderful book to have in your own personal library or to share with those who are interested in the latest in energy modalities. It can be found along with further details on the technology at HealthRays.


Kamia T.
Kamia T2 years ago

Seems a little out there to me, but I'll do more research, thanks.

Celeste Yarnall
Celeste Yarnall5 years ago

More reasons why water does indeed retain memory. http://odewire.com/170441/scientists-investigate-water-memory.html

Maryann Mancini
Maryann Mancini5 years ago

Lots of great information here. thank you.

Christina Kalli V.

Dear Celeste thank you for this valuable presentation of the HeartFusion! I am going to learn more about this and I will surely pass it on to others...

Prochi T.
Prochi T6 years ago

Thank you.

Celeste Yarnall
Celeste Yarnall6 years ago

For all those ‘naysayers’ who love to continue to put down every aspect of homeopathy... you might want to read this article by Dana Ullman http://www.naturalnews.com/034097_homeopathy_myths.html

Charles G.
Wilde Thange6 years ago

Perhaps all healing is self-healing.... but it requires both the body and the mind for it to work...

Charles G.
Wilde Thange6 years ago

Sound like creating high water... any way that stimulates the placebo effect may be good for you but be careful because some placebos work better the more expensive they are..

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Fabulous! You've opened a new door for me, Dr. Yarnall. I love the gentleness of this.

Mary Beth M.
MaryBeth M6 years ago

very cool