Help Save Big Bird!

America’s most-beloved bird is under attack!

Of all the moments from last night’s presidential debate, one comment from Republican candidate Mitt Romney has the Internet in an uproar.

Romney explained that part of his budget plan would include making cuts to “non-essential” items in the budget, including PBS (which happens to be the employer of debate moderator Jim Lehrer). Romney said: ”I’m sorry Jim. I’m gonna stop the subsidy to PBS. I’m gonna stop other things. I like PBS, I like Big Bird, I actually like you too.” But yet he’s going to fire Big Bird and cut funding to the network…

In response to Romney’s comments, a variety of memes and images quickly appeared in support of Big Bird and his PBS friends. Check them out below and make sure to sign Care2′s petition in support of funding for PBS and Big Bird!

Photos via Global Grind


Remember to sign our petition to help save Big Bird!

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Wim Zunnebeld
Wim Zunnebeld4 years ago


Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez4 years ago

Hey, Mitt, how about you, your buds, and their corporations paying a tax rate equal to what the rest of us pay? We won't have to cut Big Bird then. Do your fair share, and our debt will be reduced! Talk about a welfare state: where the 'job creators' don't have to pay taxes, and their 'creations' get bailed out tax free. Everyone is looking at the wrong end of the hand-out line!

NorthernLady California

I love PBS and in years gone by, did a lot of volunteer work at my local station for auctions to help support programming. If some of you are so rabid about keeping Big Bird, put your money where your mouth is. We are in debt and more money is going out than coming in. Simple math...some things have to be cut. I'm not saying that the government doesn't waste money on other things...and that is something that needs to be dealt with...I'm just saying that Public Broadcasting should be supported by the public.

I think that Big Bird is great if your child is actually learning something from the show, but many of you are using television as a babysitter and not taking time to teach your children yourselves...just something to think about.

John S.
Past Member 4 years ago

I like PBS but think it can stand on it's own. I might be able to be convince that we should maintain (funded) in is some markets, but certainly not all. I wonder how many people here actually contributes to PBS?

John B.
John B.4 years ago

Thanks for providing the poster slide show and it would have been amusing if Romney were only kidding. His comment on stopping funding for PBS was probably the only truthful one he made during the entire debate.

Marian A.
Marian Austin4 years ago

PBS is the only unbiased/uncontrolled broadcaster

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola4 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Bess M.
Bess moore4 years ago

Robme is an idiot. It's all about money with him. Go Big Bird!

Nicolas Bourel
Nicolas Bourel4 years ago

Save big bird!!!

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

Rmoney wants PBS and such programs as Sesame Street, to "pay their own way". That means, to get ADVERTISERS.
That means, that ADVERTISERS will get to PLACE THEIR PRODUCTS and tout them to PRE-SCHOOLERS and the Youngest TV watchers -- a captive audience that doesn't yet know ENOUGH about the World, to make Rational, informed decisions!
Hey, kiddies! don't WORRY about Global Warming, Fracking, Animal Extinction, or GMOs in your food! Don't worry about organic! just tell your parents you MUST HAVE that Brand Name cereal and candy, those Brand Name clothes & shoes, & toys & electronics &...
That's exactly what Rmoney, the Repukelicans, and the Corporate Sponsors backing them, want!