Herb Teas to Combat Pollution

Modern life can affect our body’s equilibrium, particularly because of the chemical onslaught we are exposed to every day in our air and food. As is often the case, herbs can come to the rescue, even in helping our body fight pollution. Called adaptogens, such herbs can be normalizing and balancing. Try one of these calming herb teas:

In order for an herb to be called an adaptogen, The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine notes that it must be innocuous, have a nonspecific and normalizing action. Adaptogens boost our immunity, fortify hormones, and support adrenal gland and possibly pituitary gland function.

Adaptogens include Ginseng (both Siberian and Chinese), borage, licorice, astragalus, and nettles.

Teas are one of the most effective ways of gaining the healing power of the herb.

Adaptogen Herbal Tea Simple

*Use a tablespoon of dried herb or herb blend to a cup of water. If you put the tea in loose, strain later with cheesecloth or a strainer. Alternatively, place herbs in a large tea ball or bag (you want enough room for water to flow through the ball) and place in mug before the water.

* Heat water to just boiling (don’t pour boiling water on herbs).

* Steep tea in the hot water for a few minutes, stirring frequently.

By Annie B. Bond


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