Best-Ever Fixes for Holiday Cleaning Crises

Company’s coming and there’s wine on the napkins, candle-wax on the tablecloth, the oven is crusty, the silver is tarnished–and the cat just made a mistake on the living room rug! What to do??

Relax! We’ll tell you our best-ever, sure-fire, can’t-be-beat, easy and totally non-toxic ways to take care of these and other common holiday cleaning dilemmas, right here:

how to remove red wine stains

how to remove dripped candle wax

fireplace soot remover

removing labels

nontoxic furniture polish

remove water rings and stains from wood furniture

eliminate cat odors

nontoxic oven cleaner

clean your silver naturally

clear clogged drains

The Best of Care2.


Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton4 years ago

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Duane B.
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Carole R.
Carole R.5 years ago

I've lived long enough that no cleaning problem is a "crisis" to me but it is nice to have some tips.

Prochi T.
Prochi T.5 years ago

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Marcia Machado
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Robert O.
Robert O.5 years ago

Thanks very much. The holidays are a tough time as it is but when household cleaning and maintenance issues arise it can really put a damper on the yule log. ;)

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KS Goh5 years ago

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