How Feng Shui Can Transform Your Home

I anticipated some positive changes to occur from a feng shui house and home healing session with renowned expert Betsy Stang. What has resulted—increased beauty, flow, harmony, sense of presence in the moment and future possibilities– far surpassed my expectations. It is as if precision acupuncture has occurred, opening all the blocked channels of energy (or chi). Here’s what I learned from my experience:

Although the fixes for my home are specific, you’ll relate many of them to your own situations. The important insight for you to remember is this: pay eagle-eye attention to how the energy flows. Once you see how the flow gets stuck, lost, or dispersed, you’ll see exactly where to place your feng shui fix.

Here are some basic energy flow problems and fixes we determined for my home:

* The Car-Could-Hit-The-House Flow Problem: My driveway flowed right into the house, energetically. There was no barrier between where the car was parked and the building.
The Fix: Placement of a hedge (in my case butterfly bushes) in front of the driveway.

* The Front Door Flow Problem: My recycling bin for newspapers was opposite the front door on the porch, as were some dead clematis vines growing on the porch railing across from the front door. So the flow entering my house was slowed by old and decaying obstacles.
The Fix: Removed the recycling to a new bin for garbage that I placed near the driveway, and cut away all the dead vines.

* The Confusion Flow Problem: Too many places for the energy to flow in my kitchen; much dispersion of energy. (I have a very open space similar to that of a loft apartment.)
The Fix: The use of a number of baskets to remove as much clutter as possible, including to separate different types of materials, for example vitamins from spices.

* The Home Design Flow Problem: The “relationship” section of the feng shui bagua of my house is missing. The house is shaped like an “L.” (For information on the bagua, see Feng Shui bagua.)
The Fix: Placed pairs of things (two ducks, two herons) in the room adjoining the missing space, and twin statuary outside in the area. I also placed two bird feeders there, and twin flower pots.

* The Lost Energy Flow Problem: The energy flowed directly out of the living room through two glass sliding doors onto a porch and off into the distance. (The problem was that nobody wanted to stay in the living room because the energy moved out of the room.)
The Fix: We made the porch into an outdoor room and the trellises we put up for a wall stopped the energy from moving off the porch. (See Annie’s Green Makeover: Outdoor Patio Room.

Betsy notes that the most interesting aspect of her work is the positive change that occurs after the feng shui fixes. She loves hearing the stories, such as how people’s business picked up, or they met their soul mate, or the good developments in whatever matter is of interest.

Contact Betsy Stang at Healing By Design.

By Annie B. Bond


Rosemary H.
Rosemary H3 years ago

My bedroom was a miserable shade of washed out blue (the previous owners' choice, probably because pastels are supposed to attract potential buyers!) There was a bare wall that gave me the creeps but I had issues with banging nails in the walls of my otherwise lovely new house.

When I couldn't stand it any more, I decided on a cheerful sunshiny yellow. I had to mix the paint myself and - coincidence - it turned out identical to the yellow in the living room that I'd fallen in love with when I viewed the house. That convinced me that this was the colour for me. Rich bright colours for a rich bright life!

I shifted the bed so I could look at the nearest hill if I sat up. But - there was that bare wall, and now it was right behind the bed. I overcame my objection to hammering in nails, and found a wall hanging of a rearing black stallion. Hmm, Firefly's flailing hooves were immediately above my sleeping head... I think I'll stop here and see if anyone can guess what happened next...

Elizabeth Sowers
Liz Sowers3 years ago

oops. that is.. how "much", not "more"

Elizabeth Sowers
Liz Sowers3 years ago

Something I need to learn more about. Amazing how more the shapes, clutter, angles, affect our lives without our awareness.

Helen Wu
Helen Wu3 years ago

Thank You :)

Elizabeth P.
.5 years ago

back again to feng shui some more points for the animals ...

Elizabeth P.
.5 years ago

back to feng shui some points for the animals ...

Elizabeth P.
.5 years ago

feng shuiing yet more points for the animals ...

Elizabeth P.
.5 years ago

feng shuiing some more points for the animals ...

Elizabeth P.
.5 years ago

feng shuiing points for the animals ...

Susanne H.
Past Member 9 years ago

I live in a motel in a one room unit with an ensuite, no kitchen and the living room and bedroom are one. How do I improve my chi energy in this unit to make my life flow more successfully?