How Has Gay Marriage Helped Gay Relationships?

By Mary Malia, Rick Clemons, J. Cameron Gantt, Dr. Frankie Bashan and Melanie Gorman for

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There’s been much celebration about the increasing acceptance of gay marriage in our society — but is it all for good? Does an option to marry muddy the waters for gay couples who never wanted to tie the knot? Is it more about the principle of it all, rather than an actual desire to marry?

Relationship experts and coaches Dr. Frankie Bashan, Rick Clemons, Cameron Gantt and Mary Malia sat down with YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman to discuss this complex issue.

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Check out the video above for more real talk on gay marriage. It’s a must-watch for anyone invested or interested in gay rights and LGBT issues.

This article originally appeared on Real Talk About Gay Marriage.

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Samir s.
Past Member 2 years ago


Chaoti Huang
Chaoti Huang2 years ago


Susan T.
Susan T.2 years ago

now they can get a legal divorce

Jessica L.
.2 years ago

Whether or not gay couples actually want to get married they should still have the right to do so. It's not really forcing them to have the talk.. It's allowing them to have the talk. And marriage is a basic human right valued over almost everything else. Marriage is a huge part of all cultures.

Laura Saxon
.2 years ago

Great article. Thanks for sharing.

Doris G.
Doris G.2 years ago


Vicky P.
Vicky P.2 years ago

Everyone's different, some want to marry, some don't :)

Mac C.
mac C.2 years ago

I wish the right to marry and all the good stuff that comes along with it, like insurance and the right to visit, etc- had been part the LGBT communities all along, just as it's been for me and others. I loved the video, it gave me a lot of insight on this complicated issue. Thank you!

Jennifer Blachly
Jennifer B.2 years ago

Just like with the straight community, there will always be couples in the gay community who don't want to get married. That is human nature and has nothing to do with sexuality. This is a victory for LGBT community regardless.

Donna T.
Donna T.2 years ago

Some intelligent remarks here. Thank you.