How to Cook Succulent Salmon and Veggies with Kids (video)

Whether it’s warm or cold outside, this Mediterranean meal is super easy to make and gets the kids in the kitchen to lend a hand. When you give kids a job to do, no matter whether they are toddlers or tweens, it’s much likelier that they’ll savor supper. Most kids love to peel, stir or pour!

Dietitian and home cook Amy Marlow creates an everyday feast that the whole family will love. Amy, with support from some enthusiastic parents and their little chefs, creates a cucumber yogurt dill sauce to enhance poached salmon along with a side dish of herbed rice and vegetables.

What can you do with leftover rice? Saute it with vegetables like pattypan squash and make a colorful dish. You can play counting games in the kitchen with your kids as they wash and/or chop the squash. Encourage your kids to try new tastes. Our toddler chef calls this meal “dill-icious”! Your kids will too.

This is a great recipe for participating in The Kids Cook Monday!

This family food video was made in partnership with HAPPYBABY, Stonyfield Farms, and Care2.

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