How to Create An Instant Tool Shed

At Gardenista, we’re always looking for ingenious ways to store our gardening tools. Here is a clever idea by Nic Robinson that we spotted on Flickr: an instant tool shed made from recycled wooden pallets.

Above: You can hang towels, gloves or various gardening items off the slats; photograph by Nic Robinson via Flickr.

Above: To make your own tool shed, get a pallet from your local garden store. Photograph via Coupon Connections.

Above (L): Remove any errant nails and sand smooth the rough or splintery edges. Image via Vettieg; above (R): Attach pallet to wall with wood screws. Image via Prudent Baby.

Above: The finished product: just add tools. Photograph by Nic Robinson, via Flickr.

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That's just a terrific solution, thanks!

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Great idea .

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cool idea!

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While I wouldn't exactly call it a shed, it is an awesome idea.

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