How To Facilitate An Occupy Wall Street Demonstration [Video]

The Occupy Wall Street protest has been going strong in NYC for over 30 days. During that time, thousands of sister demonstrations have sprung up all over the world, with over a hundred in cities big and small in the U.S. alone.

People are starting to realize that while they might not consider themselves activists or protesters, they are part of the 99 percent of the population that’s been ignored and exploited by corporations and the politicians they pay for.

If you care about sustainable agriculture, healthy food, clean air and water, stopping the Keystone XL oil pipeline, closing tax loopholes for billionaires, eliminating oil and gas subsidies, and ensuring affordable healthcare for all Americans, THIS IS YOUR OCCUPATION TOO.

It’s now or never for the 99 percent. The disparity between the upper and middle classes is growing larger everyday. Pretty soon, there will only be a few very rich people, and millions of very poor people. Organizing and participating in an Occupy Wall Street event seems very civil compared to the potential chaos that could occur if these inequalities are allowed to continue.

If you want to organize an Occupy Wall Street demonstration in your community, but are nervous about how to facilitate a General Assembly, help is here.

Below is a training video on how to run a general assembly in your own community as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Topics include hand signs, roles etc. This training session was held at Washington Square Park in New York City on October 8, 2011. (Total run time: 40 minutes).

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Image Credit: Flickr - evolvelove

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Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton2 years ago


Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola3 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Yvette S.
Past Member 4 years ago

In order to have Evolution you need Revolution...Evolutionary vision leads to the Revelation things which are deemed without Progressive Movement are Stagnant. That which is no longer Relevant must be overcome by that which is Evolving.

In other words my personal mantra: Motion propels movement, movement propels changes, changes propel motion.

K s Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Michael C.
Cynthia C.4 years ago

The 1% has stated that they have been wrongfully targeted and they have announced that they will begin a campaign against those traitors to capitalism, those greedy 99% activists.

The 1% have vowed to occupy a Hilton Hotel in every major city in the US, they have further vowed that they will not be removed, no matter how much it costs YOU, the American people.

As an act of reconciliation, the 1% has publicly suggested that all Americans begin to take better care of their cars and vans, they might well become your next home.

Alan A.
Alan A.4 years ago

Keith G You are confusing Main Street business and entrepreneurialis with Wall Street Corporatism. Two extremely different things. Wall Street Corporatism (cartel) is anathema to Main Street entrepreneurial spirit. Main Street business builds real things and offers real service. Wall Street Corporatism is finance leveraging for maximum gain for few.

Yes, Wall Street plays by the rules which the government they bought enacts. The rules they made for themselves do not serve the interests of Main Street business. The rules they've made support cartels that suppress competition. Fair competition is anathema to cartel rule.

Keith G.
Keith G.4 years ago

Just curious, is it the businesses or the politicians that are mostly to blame? For the most part the businesses are playing within the rules. If they are not then they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We need to change the rules.

A comparison would be you. Do you pay exactly what you owe in taxes (or in most cases less as you take advantage of whatever "loopholes" or deductions you can)?. Or do you say - "I am making more than I need so I am going to pay more"?). Doubtful. So the businesses are playing with the hands they have been dealt.

The vast majority of the damage to our system (debt accumulation, overspending, needless growth, $900 bil bogus stimulus bills and corporate bail outs) has occurred in the last 50 years. Since 1961 Democrats have had complete control (President, House, Senate) for 8 terms. Republicans 2 terms. BTW - a term is 2 years because of House/Senate elections. Democrats have had 2/3 control for another 8 terms. So for 16 of the last 27 terms Dems have had complete or 2/3 control. So the bulk of the damage has been done primarily under the watch of the Democrats. But I thought they were looking out for the average Joe? Don't kid yourself.

Forget about social issues for a minute. They are the least of our concerns. It is time to get fiscally conservative people in the majority of all branches of govt. to stop this madness. Traditional Republicans are not much better than the Dems. I am talking about th

Dh H.
Dh H.4 years ago

It is absolutely idiotic to become so clueless as to think just as the puppet masters would have you think. You do realize that the class warfare plan/trap you are falling into, thinking foolishly that everything should be equal or more equal, what a joke. Nothing was equal when the nation was founded and exploded into the most prosperous nation in the world. Nothing was equal then the pilgrims stopped their communal setup and started keeping what they could grow, no required sharing, and ended up with an incredible over abundance and the First Thanksgiving.

Don't you see how these people at these protests are manipulated by those who would control them. The 1% you should beware of are those who are pleased with this idiocy. There is nothing amazing about what these people are doing.

Yes they are free to do it, but why are they free to do it, you need to ask yourself that. Because those who would control you, will soon make it illegal to disagree with them. Germany was this way, lots of protests, crisis and then power is assumed by the most brutal. Please don't be a puppet they want you to be and encourage or endorse this idiocy until a new law is made and another freedom is taken from you. Just because you don't see the bars yet does not mean they are not closing in on you. These elected people would love nothing better than for the people to insist that the gov't remove their freedom from them. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Ernie Miller
william Miller4 years ago

Thanks Trying to get our local group to evolve. It is not reasonable for just 10-20 people to occupy our town 24-7 we are looking at trying to recruit larger crowds for shorte lengths of time at higher profile locations. City hall, county commision, concerts, congressional offices when the politican is having their town hall meeting. if we have 4X as many people outside as they do inside they may stop and think. Where the national issues are the same all over local issues are different everywhere. Pockets of violent crime in my town are in areas where there are 10-15 different slum loards properties. if we protest their homes maybe they will clean up the neibor hoods the own.