How to Feel More Supported

Last November I made a major statement to my friend Danielle Laporte. D had just launched this awesome program called The Desire Map, designed to help folks identify their core desired feeling. So when she asked me how I wanted to feel, I immediately responded, “D, I want to feel supported.” This response totally took me by surprise. On the outside it seemed like I already had support from my family, friends, fiance and partners. But some core feeling within me was longing for more.

Through a deep discussion with Danielle I came to realize that my desire to feel supported was stemming from my own lack of support toward myself. I threw the Universal mirror up in front of my face and recognized that I was causing my lack of support. The way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us. If our thoughts and energy are not supporting our life, then our life will not feel supported. Therefore, we must take responsibility for our life by consciously supporting ourselves in every given moment.

In this video I offer tips on how to create more support in your life. The small right action that I suggest in the video can greatly enhance your life’s experience in an instant. Create more support in your life today.


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