How to Fish with Kids (new video)

Spend some of these gorgeous late summer/early fall days outside with your kids — take them fishing! The memory will last a lifetime! I went fishing recently with Paul Greenberg, best-selling author of “Four Fish,” and we filmed his first fishing trip with his 3 year-old son, Luke. His 15 year-old daughter, Tanya, came along too she has been fishing for years and often “out-fishes” him.

Paul shares tips on fishing with kids as we check out one of his favorite New York City fishing spots, Sheepshead Bay. He encourages parents to discuss any big issues that might come up like eating animals and says, “it is a good way to introduce kids to the complexity of the world.”


  • Pick a modest fishing trip
  • Make sure that you have a clear escape route no long boat trips
  • If they are tired, stop, there is no reason to push them
  • Ask for advice at a local tackle shop
  • Keep gear simple
  • Make it about the process

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colleen p.
colleen p.4 years ago

i thought throwing fish shaped crackers and candy at children was the only acceptable form of fishing for little kids.

teach a kid to fish today, tomorrow the'll be speeding down the highway with a baby chained to the back of their car.

that is how it works right? hurting animals is the first sign of a sociopath with bloodlust?

I mean, that is what the AR people tell me.

Joe R.
Joe R.4 years ago

My grandmother could get fish to eat from her hand. A much better memory than ripping hooks out of their mouths.

K s Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Tiffany Lambiase
Tiffany Lambiase5 years ago

have fun..we do

Tiffany Lambiase
Tiffany Lambiase5 years ago


Tiffany Lambiase
Tiffany Lambiase5 years ago


Deb H.
D. H.5 years ago

Simon, you're obviously still SO "old world/old consciousness," there's no point in responding further, as you're simply incapable of 'hearing' anything.

Victoria H.
.5 years ago

Simon I.---

You wrote:
"Hey Victoria, nice of you to invite your buddies in for backup."

I hope it doesn't rattle your ego too much when I say that no such move was made on my part, and so you are, once again, in error.

What slight offerings of sympathy, empathy, and the like that come from you and presented in the discourteous manner you CHOSE to display in your last posted comment are indicative of the views you hold of fish... as well as people who won't support your favored blood sport (or ANY intentional violence to animals). That has been my spotlight on your comments throughout this thread.

Thank you for further illustrating my point.

Victoria H.
.5 years ago

Simon I.---

In time you might realize that not only are you teaching (your) children to believe that they have the "RIGHT" to cause harm to fish, even if only minimal; you're also teaching them that YOU are claiming to know what is the "RIGHT" way to do it. That's what's generally recognized as haughty (not to mention assuming). And if THAT isn't disdainful enough..., you are flat-out teaching children how to be SPITEFUL. Is THAT your intent?

I will be more than happy to write a review of the book... if and when it is published. Naturally, it would be wise of you---as the author---to expect the review to be contrary to your efforts.

Any dad can CHOOSE to be a BAD DAD. Some don't, for the children's sake.

Thank you.

Jozette C.
Jo C.5 years ago

Simon, I don't think being sarcastic and smug is helping you put your point across and having 'a wealth of knowledge' about a bloodsport is nothing to be proud of.