How to Forage for Winter Decor

The wind is getting chillier, neighborhoods are getting sparklier and we just might see the first dustings of snow in our corner of the planet. Winter is here! To stay cozy inside our homes while the chill of the season sets in, decorating our spaces can do the trick. But, you don’t have to spend a bunch on the cookie-cutter decor at big box stores to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Take a look outside and nature is filled with elements you can repurpose into stunning displays both inside and outside your abode. Also, strolling through the forest can reconnect us with the outdoors during a time of year when all we want to do is stay inside. Here’s what to look for!

Twigs and sprigs

Twigs can be found anywhere trees have sprouted. And their creative uses are endless! Whether you would like to make rustic votive candle holders, Christmas tree gift toppers or DIY snowflake ornaments, twigs can easily be fashioned into beautiful decor with just a little bit of glue and imagination. Sprigs from pine trees can add a pop of green to your space, as well. Feature them as festive additions to your candle displays, make a stunning wreath for your front door or use them to add some color to a festive outdoor lantern.


Longer branches can add height to your holiday displays and, if you glaze, glitter or paint them, they will add even more character to your space. You can even create an iced or snowy look at home!


If you live near oak trees, acorns are probably something you see everyday. These little nuggets can be harvested for food and for decoration. Try your hand at preserving them to incorporate into a winter decor project, such as hand painting them, glueing them to a picture frame or covering them in glitter.


Pinecones are another ubiquitous element around this time of year—so much that you probably step on them or kick them around without even realizing it. Turn these woodsy items into something dazzling this year. You can leave them in their natural state to dress up a bowl of lighted ornaments, paint them to look snow-kissed or transform them into a decorative wreath. The possibilities are endless.

Deer antlers

If you happen upon shed deer antlers in your woodland trek, they can be beautiful additions to your holiday displays. You might have a harder time finding these at this time of the year, compared to spring, but you can certainly incorporate them into your holiday cheer if you stumble upon them. You can leave them as is or make them over into an eye-grabbing wreath or tabletop centerpiece.

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