How to Refresh Sweaters and Comforters? Ask Annie

Dear Annie,
I’d rather not wash all of our sweaters and comforters, having just taken them out of storage, but they have a stale smell. What do you suggest?–Sally, WI

Dear Sally,

There is nothing like a good shake, sun, and lots of fresh air for comforters and sweaters. I like to hang mine on the line on really sunny fall days, and to give the comforters a bit of a pounding with a broom before and after, to flounce them up. Sun has antibacterial properties, too, and does wonders for fabrics, as long as they aren’t left in the sun for too long (days).

For those of you who live in the city, my fellow Care2 editor Melissa puts her comforters in the dryer with a tennis ball. She sprays them first with a little lavender linen water. Enjoy that last one, we love it.


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In cold weather, you can drap them over chairs near a window that gets a lot of sunlight. We do this daily and it keeps the comforters fresh much longer.

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I also put the winter clothes and blankets in the dryer with a scented ball, before wearing them - it works great.

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