Natural Ways to Help Your Immune System

December is always a busy month — perhaps the busiest of the year — which makes it all the more important to hang on to your health. That can be easier said than done, however, and it’s hard to know what will help when cold or flu symptoms start to show.

Before you buy bulging bags of over-the-counter pills and remedies, check out these natural ways to boost your immune system, as well as counteract and cure illnesses.

1. Strengthen your immune system with these 12 strategies

Many of these tips are suggestions you’ve probably heard your entire life — eat more vegetables, move your body. But there are some in there that might surprise you. For example, socializing more often (even with pets!) can help improve your health, too. And, of course, get plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation is detrimental to health, and if you frequently find yourself lying awake at night, here’s how to get better sleep.

2. Learn how to prevent illnesses, as well as treat them

Avoiding germy surfaces and eating herbs like garlic and ginseng can aid your healing process — and can even help you avoid getting sick in the first place!

3. Arm yourself with knowledge about herbal remedies

Plus, talk to your doctor about whether they could work for you. It’s surprising what plants can do to provide natural, safe remedies to dozens of common ailments, and you can even grow your own homegrown first-aid kit to tap into healing plant properties.

Keeping yourself well in a natural way will ensure that you’re happy and healthy on the days you spend working, traveling, and spending time with family this season. Here’s to your health!

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