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10 People (and Pets) Who Inspired Us in 2014

Amidst the war, scandal, natural disasters and violence that engulfed the world this year, there were also extraordinary people doing some truly inspiring things. Here are our favorite stories of comp…


How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas (video)

This ultra-patient kitty comes to check out all the wrapping paper and ends up being wrapped himself. What do you think -- adorable or is this a little too much holiday cheer? Related: Cat &am…


How Strangers Saved Christmas for a Dying Woman and Her Cat

Sixty-five-year-old Joan Price of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has only a few months to live. Price, who contracted hepatitis through a blood transfusion 40 years ago, suffers from cirrhosis of the liver…


Early Christmas Miracle for Man and His Dog

There was something of an early Christmas miracle this week for Steve Alioto and his dog, Daisy. Alioto was living on a boat anchored more than a mile off Sausalito, California, with his best frien…


Dog Gets 3D Printed Legs And Runs For First Time in Life

Derby, a handsome husky with incredible charm, was born with severely underdeveloped front legs. His first family couldn't take care of him, so he washanded over toPeace and Paws, adog rescue group…


Holiday Shopping for People Who Don’t Want to Leave Their Dogs at Home

My dogs are practically professional shoppers. It's actually rare you'll find me somewherewithout one of them. Sanchez and Gina are 'career change' dogs from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Early socializa…


9 Reasons to Be Thankful for Pets

As you brine the turkey, cheer for your favorite football team or, better yet, watch The National Dog Show this Thanksgiving week, take some time to be thankful for your pet. After all, your cat o…


Giant Newfoundland Demands a Belly Rub (Video)

Sebastian the Newfoundland is none too happy when his owner stops rubbing his belly and he's not shy about expressing his feelings. Just listen to his hilarious whines and groans. By Laura…


Can a Sport Save a Dog’s Life?

In June of 2014, Manja, a 10 and 1/2 year-old, high-spirited Sheltie, suffered a stroke or a seizure. At the time of the debilitating episode, she was already qualified for the Cynosport World Agility…


Hike and Rock Climb With Your Cat? Yes.

I once had a cat who loved to take short walks with me in our neighborhood and I have another cat now who enjoys visiting neighbors with me. A friend who adopted one of my past foster kitties, Morocco…


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Knew they were good but didn't know they were that good! Thanks for sharing.

#10 was majorlly right as well as the rest

This made my blood run cold. The poor little thing and the suffering she has been through.Hopefully …

Definitely talking dog! Wonder if the baby's first words will be arf arf arf!