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Think You’re Not a Dog Person? This Article Will Change Your Mind

Though it's hard for me to wrap my head around the idea, I understand that there are people out there — normal, kind, friendly humans — who aren't dog people. They might not strongly dislike dogs, but…


Irish Girl Saves Sheep With Facebook

A doe-eyed Dublin girl with a big heart saved her sheep, Ernie, at the eleventh hour from being turned into a Sunday night Irish stew. According to a local Irish newscast, a few weeks ago, Orlaith O …


The One Thing Even Vets Feel Nervous About Discussing With You

Weight control in dogs and cats is incredibly important, but it can often be awkward to talk about — even for your vet. And it's a big problem in the U.S. - according to Pet Obesity Prevention, an est…


Which Will Improve Your Life More: a Cat or a Dog?

Pet lovers aren't surprised by research stating the emotional, physical and mental benefits of owning cats and dogs. wrote that there is now proof that pets enhance our social skills and d…


7 Things You’re Missing Out On If You Don’t Have a Cat

“I just don’t like cats,” some people say.  When I hear that, I wonder if these folks have ever actually lived with a cat. I might have been one of those people. My early experiences with cats wer…


6 Most Persistent Dog Myths

There are certain dog myths that seem to stubbornly persist that passage of time. Many are kept alive by starry-eyed children watching fantasy films. Others are passed on in campfire tales, in storybo…


7 Dog Breeds that Behave Like Cats

Most people will agree that cats and dogs are a breed apart, but there are certain dog breeds that behave more like cats than dogs. As noted in Pet360 and the American Kennel Club (AKC), these breeds …


Man Turns Hobby Into Fundraiser For Dog With Cancer

About ten months ago, Shaun Mitchell of Utah heard devastating news from his vet: "your dog, Charlie, has cancer."  Mitchell's response was "you've got to be kidding me; there's no way!" Then, he s…


Daily Cute: A Dog’s Snow Day

While many dogs in New England are anxiously awaiting spring to start enjoying romping outdoors again, Puckerman doesn't understand why everyone is complaining about the record breaking snowfall. …


A Cat’s Letter to His Human: How to Love Your Cat

Editor’s note: In this tongue-in-cheek letter from your favorite feline, Cat Mastery author Dr. Tony Buffington envisions some of the ways we can help make our feline companions feel truly at home and…


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Thanks. Anything that saves our environment is wonderful 🌎

I never leave my dog unattended EVER

Some foods may help - I don't know - But , I Do Know , Love & Respect are Very underrated..

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