Hunter Shoots Leopard; Leopard Attacks

A recent headline states: Leopard Attacks Husband and Wife in South Africa. The wording of the headline suggests a leopard was unprovoked and attacked a married couple, and it has an extra emotional charge because the attack was on two people who are in a romantic, intimate relationship. Some news headlines blame animals for attacking people to get attention. This is a sensationalist and manipulative tactic that makes animals look malicious and destructive.

What truly happened was the leopard was first shot by a hunter, so the cat tried to attack him. The married couple was guiding the hunter, and the husband tried to shield the hunter from the wounded leopard. Then the leopard bit the husband instead. The leopard’s behavior was perfectly natural. It merely defended itself from a mortal threat. It was the hunter who attacked the leopard viciously, and for no good reason. The leopard is blamed for the incident however, as if it should have just rolled over and let itself be killed in order to make a hunter feel important, and have a stuffed animal trophy to mount in his home.

Trophy hunting is an outdated, barbaric practice that serves no reasonable purpose for the hunter, such as procuring food. Does anyone think the hunter would eat the leopard or doesn’t have the means to purchase his own food?

Trophy hunting is merely a bloodsport, done for a cheap thrill and results in the deaths of innocent animals who have done nothing harmful to people. One could say the husband’s actions to protect the hunter from the wounded leopard were compassionate and they were, but the whole situation was set into motion by doing something bereft of compassion. So why is that too often humans lack compassion for other species?

We see this self-centeredness even in the titles of news headlines seeking to titillate by repeating the same old inaccurate message that wild animals, especially predators, are out to get us. It is likely to be contributing to paranoia about predators which results in them being killed, though they have never attacked a human and are very unlikely to ever do so.

Hunting sometimes is not even a fair fight, because of the use of long-distance telescopic gun sights, and camouflage. The animals can’t even see the hunters because they are so far away and hiding in brush when they shoot.

Image Credit: Marie-Lan Nguyen


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Kayleigh Harter
Kayleigh Harter3 years ago

Aren't leopards supposed to be protected in South Africa? What kind of backward, narrow-minded asshole hunts an endangered species in the first place?

Any word on what happened to the leopard afterward? I hate the thought of an animal being killed just for trying to defend itself, but precedent suggests that's probably what happened.

Edvanir L.
Edvanir L.3 years ago

Well, I think real artists could get this idea...

Edvanir L.
Edvanir L.3 years ago

Many are saying: "BAN TROPHY HUNTING"!

I got an idea for those "artists" who love scream for attention through killing animals and exposing them like trash: Take human heads instead!!

They don't have to be real; they just have to be realistic. Then, make sure to expose them in a gallery or museum. I'll spread the word as much as I can, and let's see how those hunters will react!!

Edvanir L.
Edvanir L.3 years ago

"Hunting sometimes is not even a fair fight".

When is it? The animal is there living his life, and a man comes with a gun to kill him only for his pleasure. How is that can ever be fair?? How can hunting being a sport when only one part of the players knows it's a game?

Liz Janmaat
Liz Janmaat3 years ago

I am all for go leopard but I bet the poor animal died in the end and has ended up on this hunters floor or wall. What is wrong with the hunter hunting for photographs what a beautiful picture it would be and they can be shared. As for the couple, I hope they rot in well where ever hunters or those who help rot..

paul m.
paul m.3 years ago

That's what they do,, that's why I keep away from big cats,,even my cat swipes at me when
I pass her by.

Past Member
Heather T.3 years ago

I have no pity for the hunter. Serves him right. I hate any blood sport and due to the very few beautiful animals left in this very violent world all blood sport should be banned.

Suky Gill
Suky Gill3 years ago

we should put humans in the animals positions and see how the protest, we should realise how the media make a mountain out of a mole hill on most things, we need to be able to think for ourselves, not everything is true that is published, even on the net, animals have the right to defend themselves like humans, stay away from them if you don't want to be attacked, bunch of morans!

Past Member

DON'T expect an anlmal not to protect itself and DON'T condemm the animal when it does!! BAN TROPHY HUNTING EVERYWHERE....

Shirley S.
Shirley S.3 years ago

Good for you leopard ! I wonder how this story ended?