In Post-Fukushima World, Japanese Company Captures Power from Footsteps


Warren Webber
Warren Webberabout a year ago

Live long and prosper!

Ostromir Bessalov

Thanks for posting.

Shiori Y.
Shiori Y.4 years ago

Super cool!

Megan Beery
Megan Beery4 years ago

Amazing, hopefully this goes worldwide.

Nicole G.
Nicole Gorman4 years ago


Chiara Perfetti
Chiara Perfetti4 years ago

This is fantastic!

Harsha Vardhana R

Great step. If we are sincere and endure, we get hundreds of solutions for our challenges

Jo Asprec
Jo Asprec4 years ago

wonderful idea! looking forward to benefiting from energy generated by people.

Amy B.
Amy B.4 years ago

Great ideas. Hope funding can be found to implement them.

Douglas S.
Douglas S.4 years ago

What a great idea!