Insights on Healing: Unity Consciousness

Your body is not a structure, it is a process. Your body, the ecosystem, and the universe are all one process.

When we look deeply within any structure it becomes obvious that structures are perceptual artifacts. Even a rock is made up of minerals, which are molecules, which are in turn composed of atoms. But the atoms are not solid entities. They are hierarchies of states of information and energy in a huge emptiness.

This means that what we perceive as a hard, inert rock is in fact a dynamic process. When we examine biological organisms, we discover a process that is even more dynamic. The human body has 100 trillion cells each performing 100 thousand activities per second and each cell correlating its activity with every other cell faster than the speed of light (non-local correlation). Eating , breathing digestion, metabolism, elimination, sensory experience, thought, emotions, behavior, relationships, speech, biology, and all internal processes, including the regulation of the immune function, the secretion of hormones, body temperature regulation, self-regulation, homeostasis and even the growing of fingernails, are all ultimately a single process.

This single process is not separate from the process we call the ecosystem or the web of life. This web of life in turn is not separate from the process we call the universe with its planets, stars and galaxies and their coordinated movements.

Until our knowledge of this single process, which is the total universe, matches our experience, we remain divided and in a state of dis-ease (disease). Healing is a return of unity consciousness where our knowledge of unity and our experience of unity are totally congruent. provides content and community for who you aspire to be–personally, socially and globally.


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Great article. Thank-you.

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Thank you for sharing - that was beautiful, profound, and very true :D

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We are wonderfully and intricately made.

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