It’s Time to Make Tomato Sauce (video)

After all this hot weather, our gardens and the markets are overflowing with fresh tomatoes.

I just bought a large box of tomatoes at a farmers market for $10. The farmer said these were for canning to differentiate them from the ones he was selling for $3 a pound and up. They looked the same to me and my husband is about to start making tomato sauce. He looked through the videos on the subject and believes this one will be most helpful.

David Epstein starts with an easy way to remove the skins. Then he suggests various vegetables you can add beyond onions and garlic. They all get sautéed in a little olive oil, then the tomatoes are added, along with a few flavorings. After about two hours of slow cooking you are ready to strain out the seeds and you are done.

What could be easier?

Photo credit: Annalisa Antonini

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