Japan Farmers Try for Radiation-Free Rice

Fukushima farmers were taking steps to decontaminate the soil as they planted this year’s rice crop, hoping and praying for a harvest that will clear radiation tests. Photo Credit: Eric__I_E via Flickr.

Japan Farmers Plant, Seek Radiation-Free Rice
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Jo Recovering
Jo S.about a year ago

Good luck.
Thanks Chris.

Carol S.
Carol S.2 years ago

I wish them and Mother Earth the best possible outcome.

ERIKA SOMLAI2 years ago

thank you for sharing

Sabrina I.
Past Member 3 years ago

Good luck ^^

Susan A.
Susan A.4 years ago

Thanks for the info, and I really hope they succeed!

Heidi R.
Past Member 4 years ago

I wish them success in overcoming yet another difficulty.

Carmen S.
Carmen S.4 years ago

thanks for this, hope it works for them

Noreen Niamath
Noreen Niamath4 years ago

Good luck

Kaori N.
Kaori N.4 years ago

It's not only the Farmers that are suffering from this radiation,but also those large number of people in Fukushima that make fishing there very source of income. The sea in and around this area are also contaminated and radiated water keeps flowing from the Nuclear Power Plant that exploded during the earthquake in March 11,2011.Japan will continue to suffer for many years with this problems.

Mindy F.
Mindy F.4 years ago