Jazz Cat Searches For Saxophone (Video)

In memory of jazz legend Dave Brubeck, how about a little jazz with a side of adorable cat? Zorro, the kitty protagonist of this clip, faces the music by wandering the building in search its source. Check out this cute video to see what he finds!

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Mia Reh
Mia Reh3 years ago

The cutest.

Natasha Salgado
natasha salgado3 years ago

What a funky cat!!!! He should try the piano...thanks

Ana Passos
Ana Passos3 years ago

cute face!

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Latonya W.
Latonya W.3 years ago

did u see thoses ears:) beautiful cat......

Winn Adams
Winn Adams3 years ago


Ceejay Robb
CJ Robinson3 years ago

Now that's one cool cat! And what a cool apartment building. I notice Zorro's owner had drums and down the hall is "Sax-Man", with his door conveniently open for Zorro. I wonder if there are other musicians living there and they all jam together!

Giana Peranio-paz

Beautiful Zorro with that black mask and fondness for music.

Carolanne Powell
C Powell3 years ago

This kittie has taste. Love his white Jazz paw, opening the door x

Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson3 years ago

One very cool jazzed cat.